AN OFFICIAL ALEX JONES INFOWARS CHANNEL Alex Jones Show LIVE and Replays Commercial Free REAL NEWS with David Knight LIVE and Replays Commercial Free The WAR ROOM with Owen Shroyer and Replays…



  1. if Trump copies ANY ONE or any PERSON in medias taking points, his ppl, who brief him or get him up to date are doing a terrible job. And let's all be honest if Trump cares enough what news networks are saying and NEEDS to watch these shows for confirmation OR even WORSE, news….. Who is briefing him on current events in the world? What kind of people are actually in the white House? And ppl need to stop blowing smoke up his (Trumps) ass. How much affirmation and admiration does he need? Let's just hold everyone to the same standards or you your self are part of the "problem" MAG! Just make America GREAT let's leave the "again" off!

  2. Also no one ever makes IT a point to get the real numbers on unemployment. Allllllll that means is their benefits ran out it doesn't mean they ARE employed. Now if we get those numbers it'll be a different story. If we're gonna go all the way with the truth the truth is sometimes disappointing or against our values and/or opinions. The truth is always the truth even if you're in the minority of ONE! Twitter banned my 7 year account because of the truth!


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