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  1. There are paramilitary elements inside the United States military or private militaries involved with human trafficking, drug trafficking, assassinations, and persecution. DynCorp was in contract with the Department of Defense while it was investigated for human sex trafficking including the trafficking of children in Bosnia. Several employees including Ben Johnston and Kathryn Bolkovac a UN official were fired during this investigation. It has also been reported that dozens of employees at the Department of Defense were caught with thousands of images of child pornography on their computers. Blackwater is another private military company that has been in contract with the DOD and involved in criminal activities like murdering Iraqi civilians. Joseph Schmitz was a top executive for Blackwater now renamed Academi and was Inspector General for the Department of Defense under the Bush Administration. While Inspector General he investigated human trafficking which produced no results and later resigned. Joseph Schmitz is a Roman Knight of Malta, worked as a professor at Jesuit Georgetown, and also worked as an adviser for Donald Trump during the election. They put corrupt individuals like Joseph Schmitz in high level positions of power to protect their criminal interests. The Department of Defense produced no results investigating human trafficking under Joseph Schmitz because he worked for human traffickers. George Bush Sr. was also linked with the Franklin Cover Up which was a child sex trafficking ring involving various US politicians.

    The Bush family used the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for recruiting members of their paramilitary Skull and Bones death squad which operates inside the United States involved with assassinations, persecution, and human trafficking. Skull and Bones is a common symbol used by various militaries and represents death. Initiates are initiated during times of war by murdering innocent people similar to gang initiations. The Skull and Bones secret society is located at Yale in New Haven Connecticut and is a top military council ran by the Bush family and their high level associates. The Bush family were involved with hiring a paramilitary hitman to attempt to murder me in a staged robbery gone wrong a few years ago however I was armed. Also located in New Haven Connecticut is the headquarters of the Knights of Columbus which have infiltrated the police department there. The Italian Mafia also have a presence in New Haven and there is a human trafficking operation going on at the ports. I have received several death threats regarding this information. I am aware of a US Marine named Alex Alvarez located in Watertown Connecticut not too far from New Haven who is initiated into the Skull and Bones death squad and assists in this human trafficking network and with intimidation and assassinations involved in covering it up. The Bush family also have female death soldiers like a young woman named Ashley Esther Dalene who is a member of the US military and involved in gang stalking, torture, murder, and child sacrifice. She lives in Bethel Connecticut right next to Greenwich where the Bush family have a residence.


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