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  1. Ancient Greek is not dead and the word ancient is used wrong, it was evolved, , most of the words used today, are the same as ancient times and the few that changed, didn't actually changed completely but with slide changes. But most of the language is still alive.

  2. Some languages that are disappeared didn't disappear over time:

    10. Biblical Hebrew is almost gone however conserved by religious texts.

    8. Dacian is a lost language however some of its words can be found in Romanian and Albanian.

    7. Coptic can help with the study of Ancient Egyptian as it has a similar writing system from Greek.

    5. It is thought that Harrapan was a Dravidian language so we do have a few words.

    4. Ancient Greek still exists and it is the SAME LANGUAGE AS MODERN GREEK WITH SOME CHANGES. Ancient Greek is found in inscriptions and any modern Greek native speaker can understand Ancient Greek. I am a native speaker of Greek and I can understand Ancient Greek just fine. It survives as Katharevousa which is a type of modern Greek with many Ancient Greek elements.
    There are even people that speak Ancient Greek as their native language!

    2. Latin is a dead language however we haven't lost it due to the Latin vocabulary we can find in science.

  3. I’m gonna be honest, I thought this guy was dead after never seeing any of his videos recommended to me. And I liked it that way. So sad to see him back 😢

  4. Hello, Humans. My name is Terrance. Earth is a very strange place. Humans are a very odd species. I can't believe there are 7.2 billion of you on this planet. I've learned much over my time spent on this planet. The things I've discovered, I'll never forget. Sometimes in life, you just end up on Youtube. So many Humans love to go on this website. Terrance will continue to watch the videos created by Humans. All this in hopes of consuming as many Youtube videos as possible. It fascinates me how much one can learn listening to Humans.


  5. The Egyptian one is pretty inaccurate. "Coptic" isn't native Egyptian. The native language of Egypt was lost some time after the conquest of Alexander the Great, and remained so during the Roman and Byzantine Eras. That language implemented after the conquests is called "Coptic" and is more or less based off of Greek in many ways. It's not native Egyptian. Native Egyptian is called "Demotic" and/or "Hieratic", and was lost way before the Arabs even came near Egypt.

  6. Ancient Greece is the cradle of modern society mostly because those that were inspired by it (the wast) ravaged, enslaved and murdered nearly everyone else, NOT because it culturally superior or something.


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