From treasures you can’t imagine to bejeweled human remains, here are 10 of the greatest and most mysterious archaeological finds ever made in Ancient …



  1. Well the bejewelled skeletons aren't really all that mysterious…the veneration of relics is quite well known in both the Catholic and Orthodox churches, and is also found in Hinduism and Buddhism. The other finds were quite interesting, though.

  2. Luke 2:1. states Agustus was in power when Jesus was born. Luke 3:1 Tiberius was in power during Jesus' time on our Earth. That means the change of power inbetween these 2 caesers was during the time Jesus walked our Earth. They mentioned Augustus of Luke 2:1 in this video and the rome impire controled modern day Israel during the time Jesus lived in the Roman Empire. that is why this is relevant to this video

  3. Nice long as your on point..forget the phrasing of the words..just do what you gotta, you are showing clips of what you're talking about:-)

  4. '"Boxfurd" it LOOKED Like Oxford, but you called it Boxfurd – or maybe I'm wrong? The rest? You need to rehearse with a thesaurus with pronunciations. Highly, hugely entertaining.

  5. not mysterious/war & invasion/flood/destruction of billions of people & civilisation – its all part of OUR ancestors highly advanced [compared to today]world/remnants, submerged/buried for over a 1000 years/most is fossilised, just recently being rediscovered, and proving current history as we know/taught it– is fake. ''after looking at buildings that we are unable to build today – we hear stupidity such as … ''most incredibly there is a heating system''…Aliens did not create the stunning archaeology – being discovered, humans did. No1. poor Christian martyr who was killed and then bedecked with rare jewels – hilarious

  6. Your embellishment of so called mysteries adds to the bullshit. Half of your shit info is inaccurate and/or outdated. Try going there, swim out 400 ft into the ocean and dive down. Tell me what you find boy.


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