Is the Baltic Sea Anomaly a 14000 year old alien spacecraft that crash landed? In what seems to come straight out of a starwars film, something like a crashed millenium falcon has been spotted…



  1. One day we may get the body of the remains of a carbonized Alien that came from an exploding star. Study scan their genes with special tools and map their story. If we get hit by small asteroids, it's hard to doubt a very old civilization older than ours can create something that survive the explosion and some of their remains land in our planet.

  2. i think its an old ancient city structure built by some unknown race of people what if theres more underneath like a whole city that was washed away by a huge rapture flood thus creating the ocean

  3. I would say it was used to querie large stone blocks when it was on dry land. You should measure the height of the steps, I would guess 4" or 5". All so, How far away from the nearest Neolithic or Megalithic site's. How it got to where it is now ?. You find out. Over and Out.

  4. It maybe made out of stone space craft ,think about this there maybe different models of crafts made eather out of stone or metals ,it may have an older version back then until they made of other metals instead of stone ummm maybe like an upgrade ,who knows and for the other stone crafts maybe the engines was removed ,who knows😕what technology they had.

  5. Is it a ship? No, it is an ancient monument resembling a ship, made to contain certain artifacts of communication between a humanoid colony developed here and their mentors there approximate 32,000 years ago, long before the colonies of Atlantis.

    These "artifacts" contained in rocks are molecularly programmed, that is, work forever until they are destroyed or absorbed by nature. In the last relocation of the continents many of these regions were submerged, and some may emerge again with future tectonic relocations. — Mythi


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