A veteran civilian Argentinian pilot filmed out of his cockpit windscreen of his private aircraft flying through dense clouds when two incredible Unknown UFO’s crossed in front of his aircraft…



  1. When something's moving that fast while the pilot's also going very fast, it's extremely difficult to say they were anything but unidentified flying objects. I believe they've been here for a very long time but I doubt we'll ever see anything definitive caught on a cell phone camera.

  2. Have absolutely no idea how large or far away they are. Don't even know if they continue horizontal movement or whip straight back after the windscreen. Could be bits of plastic or rubber breaking off the plane for all anyone knows. Weird the pilot makes nearly no attempt to follow the objects with his phone camera, seems a bit suspect to me.

  3. Hmm…this is pretty interesting to me. They can't be birds…much too big for that. I wouldn't think a drone would be able to fly by that fast. They almost look like missiles flying by, but that may be just an illusion because of the speed of the camera? Idk…What about other planes? Most of these videos can be taken out of context in which the circumstances occurred. For example, what if this was an air show? We don't see anything but just the footage shot. It is still a really interesting video. It would be great if someone could zoom in on the objects to possibly get a clearer image.

  4. Bullshit! The pilot didnt even get surprised because if he did he would have shaken the cellphone or have shown some reaction.. Do not publish every fucking fake video dude! This way you make people skeptical about the whole UFO subject


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