2014 Ancient Hidden Technology of the Annunaki (Fallen Angels) Amazing ! 2014 Ancient Hidden Technology of the Annunaki (Fallen Angels) MUST WATCH. Fallen Angels of the ancient past? What…



  1. Understand people he showing findings of his research and giving the report on those findings… it hypothesis possible theory. .. but with him showing his repot he actually stumble real solution to fix our governments and issues we having. listen to that and see its practical and makes sender

  2. How often have we heard about free energy no more food poverty and no more wars.Our city's are choked with poisonous fumes but don't worry it is ok.Go to sleep and watch football or tennis go to sleep.

  3. When he talks about where the people that built these structures went, because there are no signs of where they went, (These are my thoughts after watching upto 38 minutes of the video), I am thinking, if you look at it from a Bible perspective, that the fallen angels could have made these while being on earth. According to the bible the fallen angels, while being in heaven, looked upon the beautiful women on earth and wanted them. They took human form and went down to earth to be with these women. The offspring between the angels and the human women became giants, also called Nephilim. These giants were pure evil and ruined everything they came across. God decided to remove them and therefor The Flood. When The Flood came and drowned the planet, the fallen angels took wings again and went back up to rescue themselves. Therefor, no sign of them. The Nephilim however, couldn't. Just a theory though, nothing more than that. But it's still interesting 🙂

  4. Nikola Tesla had the earthquake machine which was a tiny box that would resonate frequency to make anything shake and fall apart. He supposably make a bridge shack almost to destruction by matching the frequency. There is definitely something there with the power of sound.

  5. hmmm…what I do not like is how he mencions "south Africa" and he is talking about Egypt…..anyone?…. Mutch of that…the theory is really interesting and aplicable…. and… there is some awesome truth about spiritual bounds and sound/resonance…. I hear it, I see it, I apply…. and those things that do not stay…I let go :)…

  6. I have no idea how this only has roughly 12000 views, boggles my mind. His virtues are the purest I've heard to date. Someone who is finally worried about the future, not the material he can't take with him once he's gone. There's no reason anyone who just spent the time to watch this whole video should be trying to pick apart this man, his goal, or this video. Sure, there are things He could of worded better and even possibly views you don't necessarily agree with, but that doesn't mean he is wrong in any way. If you think things or ideas in this cause could be done better or executed better, speak up and say something, not just point out the flaws.
    He needs help and publication to spread this absolutely beautiful seed of unity, higher conscious, and brighter future i wouldnt be scared to have my wife, my children living in. This is our future, our loved ones future, our childrens future, not the banks future.
    This is something you can support and join, or just criticize and darken like the rest of our monopolistic, capilistic, dark dogma of an uniformed race of slaves to the all mighty dollar…
    Take a minute, understand, believe, and act.

  7. 1:57:38
    In accordance with the five points of Ubuntu (1. no money, 2. no barter, 3. no trade, 4. no value attached, 5. Everyone contributes for the greater benefit of all the community), why would there be a need for any member of the community, or another community, to buy anything? To buy something indicates an exchange of value for equal, more, or less value. Perhaps the words to use would be obtain. No money means no buying. No barter means no deals. No trade means no exchange. No value means no place holder. Everyone contributing to the greater benefit of all the community means virtually no need.

  8. About that water boiling i think it's shoudn't be hard to make. We have fact, that it working. We know music instrument. Just analyze it's waves, test it on different frequencies and that's all. Just that TV report was so stuppid. THey saying something like "He believes that he can boil water" and TV shows fact that he doing it. So if this is a fact, why to say "he believes", like they don't have proof…

  9. Maybe we should find out what the mythologies of the peoples are. Perhaps look for petro glyphs in some caves …if there are any around there. I would imagine some one would have left a record as to how this was used and what the results were.

  10. 39:20 oh,that's old
    flower of life ✻☥(a fractal matrix,building by dividing by ⑦,is more than ➓ thousand years old) is hidden more things that we can imagine from sound levitation to laser fusion reactors (using deuterium and tritium extracting from oceans for example ) and a lot of magic inside
    "Resistit Paucis Obitur Pluribus" "We resist with few and overcome many. the angels supersoldiers 🌏 📡🌏 👣🕛 💎💀☠☼☾☄ ₪itibira₪ ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀⋉🐺🐾☆▲▴◭

  11. OK …just a thought.. in perhaps alighnment with know history with what we think is history. Maybe since there were terraces in the mountains the stone structures were built to create a system for saving water from rains during the rainy seasons,,,the cannals perhaps webbed around to the lower level of an aggriculture areas and during the dry seasons they perhaps depended upon water from the mountains and these terraces grew other foods during that dry time. In NM USA an ancient site very creatively used water from the mountain to support their commuity and their aggriculture. The oniy kink in this thought is the smaller circles within the larger circles. A question stands in my mind is what lies below the stone circles. How deep are these stones planted. What are the geological stratus below? Where did the people live? This stuff is all at ground level…what would we find if a dig was performed?

  12. So this is a double play of the same conference from 2012, which means that half way through this video the conference ends, then repeats. What is the point of this? Dumbest shit ever.


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