Live video broadcast roundtable at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona. Nick Pope, Stanton Friedman, Kathleen Marden, Travis Walton, Stephen Bassett, Jennifer Stein, Jason McClellan,…



  1. Someone is mad that Tyler from Secureteam is killing it! How dare you say shit like that on your show! You sounded like a child and i had to stop listening! How disrespectful and petty of you to make an accusation like that! That made everyone at your table lose their credibility!

  2. I always wonder when viewing UFO Conferences, Why are we Humans the most under developed Race in the Universe. We refuse to get along with each other, we spend more money on building weapons to kill one another, then feeding each other. We believe a supreme being made this whole universe just for us, and then placed a radiation barrier around it too keep us HERE

  3. this stuff is another reason why i pushed for a few ideas to help many major issues titled OPM 06- 1 alternative powered farming resources combo of solar wind and farming 2. a non social pro network for public gov and business this would allow a proper gov public space for issues like secret space program and rest to help to ge the to disclose and more which was taken turned into teaparty twitter crowdrise open gov and more since and 3 Public Options a bundle deal like net phone cable but one for nessesities to help the people who need the help affording things and getting fairshare out of the top5% like trumps and others of the world who hide exotic tech cause 9/11 dont pay taxes and have billions to trillions the health care side obama tried right dubbed Obamacare

  4. I have to address the comment about third phase and secure team…you are correct about third phase but secure team shows videos but doesn't push them and calls out the fake videos so know what your talking about Tyler from secure team wouldn't bash you if you were rated higher…your a grown man…act it

  5. Why haven't Republicans attacked Killary over the UFO subject? It's because there was plenty of documentable corruption and lies. There's no need to bring it up. There is a strong belief in UFO presence on both sides regardless of party alliance. You have people on both sides that will never be convinced even with actual proof and you have people on both sides that are bible thumpers that believe for some reason UFO's are demonic yet they won't take into consideration they could be angels.

  6. Those are likely birds.  When they turn at an angle the sun can hit them and reflect in the direction of the camera, they appear.  When they turn at other angles, they disappear.  I agree with the statement they look more organic (biological) than mechanical – they are birds.  They go up and down rapidly because they are riding various air currents.

  7. From reading some comments here, I agree there are secret programs… out there. I agree, not believe, because without any substantial cases in public hands of sheeple, all we are left with are casual gettogethers with discussions. I think recording moving lights in the skies these days should not count anymore either, because by now an average normal person will not be able to distinguish our secret / unacknowledged types of craft, from extra terrestrial, "ufo" term these days is becoming very misappropriated.

    Until our global system changes, at present time nobody walking on the ground will see actual extraterrestrial craft land at random location, because if we do have actual secret space force, they will be the first contact, and human barrier with their own agendas. That's why I also think as one example, your phenix lights, was not ufo… but some of your trillions missing, flying above your heads and saying see 'ya in ten years lol

    Everything else is either click-bait or weekend at burnies, well known and at the same time pretty useless.

  8. Why do we need gov disclosure. We know it's there and they know. Why all this talk on belief? We need to ask the next question. Why? And what can we do to figure out what they are doing. If you are waiting for disclosure, then your going to be waiting indefinitely. Why waste anymore time on disclosure? All private resources need to go to the next step. And then the media? What a joke. They are gov puppets. Everyone they bring up the subject to the government, they crack a quick joke and laugh and then move on to whatever is going on with other topics.

  9. After all the talk… we still don't KNOW what we're dealing with. There's lots of insistent speculation naming reptilians, pliedians, archons, etc etc etc., but the bottom line is we don't know. Ego-based consciousness is continually confronted with inexplicable "realities". The purpose may be to remind us that ego-based consciousness is not reality. The collective unconscious is keeping ego consciousness in check by presenting it with apparent impossibilities. Greater Reality may be completely unrelated to our conscious experience.

  10. the problem is ppl investigating are told lies,and somethings are real and are reported as fake, example the video's of me during an alien abduction and experience was covered by western media as being an ad for a videogame "dragon totem girl", i have all the validation and evidence in the world to make the world wiser as fact about our et friends

  11. These ppl such washed out losers. No one there to watch but themselves. At a con and after no one showed up to seem them, they decided to hold this “discussion.” Smh. What a bunch of fuckwhits.

  12. Mending old shoes, NOTHING NEW HERE, just people infatuated by their own points of view, and probably their social status in the "UFO Community". These cats are just chasing their own tails !

  13. As usual…his CIA informative Royal Highness arrogant ass Friedman disappeared when it didn't suit him…correct about opinion on third phase of the moon opinion of them basically in it for the money…secureteam 10 tho??? Stupid people make stupid comments…if it's bullshit…he REFUSES to sell it… round table
    show huh….look up king Arthur…next time do it the right way…people in the middle of trying to make points and of course plugging books and shit…( That shits old)…and you cut em off so you can stroke someone. You and delong are the same. Paid puppets. What a waste of an opportunity. Good job moron


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