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  1. Why is it that (most times) when an acient South American or African group is advanced people believe that aliens were involved but (most times) when looking at ancient European or Asian group they were just smart for their time period???

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  3. 6:19 actually with a large team of people and some logs it's fairly easy to move big rocks. There was this dude who was making his own Stonehenge who makes a living off of big construction who showed how simple it is to move these large stones by single-handedly placing actually Stonehenge sized stones into the ground. All of which he accomplished using simple machines such as levers. It would have been time consuming but it's possible

  4. People were just personally predicting the future and made carvings and cave drawings that they thought were made up or true or in the pre modern times they carved in the caves and there were probably people from that same time that used power tools or professional concrete carvers from BCE.

  5. Ancient Alien theories are disrespectful towards cultures and their magnificent feat of engineering. I really undermines what humans are truly capable of. People in the past could never have conceived of modern inventions like cars, computers or smartphones, yet we were able to create such things in a matter of decades. Who's to say ancient civilizations weren't capable of advancing in such a direction? But what bothers me the most is how the 'Ancient Alien' theory is very biased towards structures that aren't of 'European origin' (except for Stonehenge) , like these 'ancient peoples' (saying not European) weren't capable of building or calculating such marvelous structures. Similar to how colonial Westerners believed for centuries that Great Zimbabwe could not have been built by 'Africans' so it must either be from European ('cause you're so advanced :/) or from aliens. Ancient Egyptian knowledge of Math and Astronomy are challenged yet no one questions the Greek's contribution to Mathematics and Astrology? It's basically Europeans trying to impose their viewpoint on how superior they are towards other 'inferior' civilizations.

  6. I agree with Shane when he said "that's so disrespectful", I know it was a joke, but for real. I just find it upsetting that people have so little faith in human ingenuity and creativity that they decide to pin it all on aliens. Because ancient people couldn't possibly be intelligent enough to figure these things out on their own? It just totally detracts from the sheer impressiveness of the feats these civilizations accomplished

  7. Honestly i just think our ancestors were highly advanced and a lot of what could be explained that doesnt have proof could have been burned in the library of alexandria or just lost from erosion. I however believe in extraterrestrial life, but i dont think they have come to earth, they may not even be on the level as humans but just as small as worms and bacteria and such, maybe even plants. Its all life, its the fact of thinking we can’t be the only planet with life out of the trillions of planets out there.

  8. Perhaps aliens crashed, ran out out fuel or were looking for a new home after their planet was destroyed.. And maybe they looked more human than we think.. It's possibly that they helped humanity out and mixed with us, creating offspring that could have descendents living today.. We don't understand half of anything in existence.. So anything is possible until it's either proven or unproven


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