From the 2017 Pentagon released UFO, to one of the most sought-after Unidentified Flying Objects videos in the UK… Here are five UFO videos that even a sceptic may find hard to debunk……



  1. 1st one likely a balloon, The Chinese one is sad….it's an EXPOSURE of a jet. I've seen this EXACT THING while taking astro photographs and a plane fly's by my field of view. The last one is an unfocused light. Again as an astro photographer, this exact thing is seen when OUT OF FOCUS, and is used to collimate your telescope's optics when pointed at a star. Those rings are part of the camera's optics. They are perfectly centered because camera's optics don't need collimation. It's an out of focus light. The only good one is the FA18 footage, there are way better examples of good UFO footage.

  2. I am sitting in my bike suddenly I saw a flying object just like a ufo.i just take my camera to record it but it was gone.suddenly it was seen again.i just go closer to it for recording.suddenly I saw a fat guy practicing discusthrow.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I lost my one million view.

  3. Skeptics: lol experts said it was this. Are you really not going to believe the experts?
    Also skeptics regarding the pentagon video: lol its a balloon. Those pilots r so stupid

  4. my belief is, why would these intelligent beings have lights on their aircraft, if they wanted to remain hidden why expose yourself with simple lights. isnt the reason why there is lights on an aircraft is so other aircrafts can see it if it doesnt come up on their, motion sensors or whatever they use? so i believe the UFO's that people see with lights on them are actual government UFO's being tested. and the others… definitely aliens.


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