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  1. Seriously, the last clip are really just headlights of normal aircraft coming towards you and then they turn right heading, so i dont understand why this is on a UFO sighting footage..?

  2. One more thing…ATT: TOP 5. Can you PLEASE "HONESTLY" research & investigate the renowned & government investigated 2007-2009 Turkey UFO recorded incident. This video & event is on youtube & looks way more clearer & more convincing than ALL of these 5 videos combined!! Thank you.

  3. No 1. Planes ALL DAY!!! I live in Kissimmee, FL. Orlando International Airport is only a few miles away from my house AND Kissimmee Gateway Airport is also a few miles away from my home. So although I am no scientist, pilot, etc. Nor am I an astrologer or in any such profession… I can make an educated guess based on the 10 years living here & seeing these lights & aircraft, & I can say that number one are just that, airplanes.
    Listen, I too want to believe that we are not alone. That we are NOT the center of the universe & that there MUST be life beyond Earth. But lets be rational here…


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