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  1. I've tried twice now and relapsed on day 3 both times. I know the reason why, it's cause I don't have many hobbies (I go on my bike twice a week and gym twice) and I spend most of my time in my bedroom either on YouTube or gaming. And obviously that gets me bored and shit which leads to me relapsing. Any tips on how to stay focused and not relapse? The only other hobby I could think of is running but I'm really unfit and I wouldn't last long. Football and shit isn't an option really cause I'm not really all that good at them

  2. I had one month two weeks ago and I went to the ice cream shop to chill with my fam and I never felt so chill. usually I would be nervous and wonder if people were staring at me, looking at cute girls and get scared and look away, just terrible anxiety. but today I felt calm and more confident. I noticed my body was winning the fight against anxiety and being nervous. I did more eye contact, more confidence, and not being so nervous when a cute girl looked at me. I ate my ice cream in peace in public and it felt great. I had small anxiety but I do see a great difference. can't wait to see how I become when I'm 7 months in. plus, I never relapsed and i was a big addict. I'm changing mentally, emotionally and even physically. it's a great lifestyle so far.

  3. Have any of your family seen your videos and if so what where there comments I recently took down my nofap videos because my sister and brother in law saw them I felt embarrassed and I'm scared if anyone else I know saw them what's your comments

  4. One problem ive had is that 40 days into nofap its hard to not check out every girl i see from head to toe, almost instinctively. I know its bad, but at least its better than doing it online with virtual people. What would ur advice be to try and explain if its a problem or just a normal thing; or if its just something that will eventually after getting maybe 3 months+ of nofap. I guess my real question is, will checking out every girl i see, instinctively, get less frequent the farther i get into nofap or will it be like that until i force myself to change?

  5. Masturbation and Porn are great. but there definitely is such a thing as getting addicted to it.
    and I have been addicted for a long time, always watching porn and masturbating 3 to 6 times a day, almost every day.. I deal with social anxiety and some depression, I have absolutely no motivation to do anything in life.. so i'm trying Nofap to see if it can help me in any way. I started on July 1st, but I relapsed yesterday on July 6th.. i'm starting again today. I need to try and make it to 10 days straight this time. and if I can do that, then the next goal will be 30 days

  6. Dude…my past life has been horrible. I've fallen down so many times. Relapsed many times as well.

    So far in my latest attempts, I've been so depressed. Like ready to jump of the edge depressed.

    Only a few hours ago, I made some progress by planing out the future I want for myself. It feels good to have a clear idea of where you're going. It's a lot of work, but you got to take action…like you said.

    I really hope I can keep this up, this time around.

  7. I love your videos because you're so good at articulating your experiences and I feel like you really see the big picture and realize that abstaining from porn and masturbation goes deeper than just trying get laid, get "superpowers" etc. and you touch on the realities that many other Youtubers that discuss NoFap tend to misconstrue or allow to fly over their heads. No homo but I need to find friends like you man lol

  8. i did nofap for 5 months while waiting for my visa to fly into another country and meet the girl who i liked and had a mutual feelings with, but when i arrived she already found a boyfreind. That crushed me hard and after some time i relapsed. Fuck! Life plays hard trick on you.

  9. Im so glad for u man! Im on day 32 NoFap now all bcs i have a daily schedule that doesnt allow me to think bout urges. Havent got an urge in 32 days, dreams obviously yes. The battle is now to be as much in the present bcs my mind wants me out of it i feel. Peace and keep up the awesome content imo 😀

  10. I'm on day 26 but still struggling with the edging habit. every two days, so I have the energy but it's somehow blocked by that regular edging. It blocks the plasticchange of my brain from fapper brains to nofapper brain. I'm at day 26 in my balls and day 1 in my brains, but I will get over it eventually, keep up the good flow


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