From UFOs over the Whitehouse to burnt Frenchmen and strange city-wide sightings, these are the 7 most credible UFO sightings. When most UFOs are spotted logical conclusions blame military…



  1. Your mostly right about Shag Harboughr. They dove down on two UFOs under the water sitting on the ocean bottom,they being the Canadian Navy and one was helping the other fix the problam,one diver said he looked inside one of the windows and seen Aliens working to fix the problam, then about 2 day later the started moving along the Ocean floor and came out of the Water around Main and took off into Space. Theirs even more to the story but of course all involved where sworn to secrecy as usual.

  2. The craziest UFO sighting is the Phoenix Lights. I’ve seen people try and say it’s parachuters but I live next to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and I’ve seen the parachuter phenomenon of it looking like UFOs and I admit it does a lot but it sure as hell doesn’t look anything like the Phoenix Lights.

  3. i really don't understand why the military is hell bent on hiding this information? In this day and age we are all over the world are accustomed to the idea of aliens and they aren't going to eat our brains. So what's the point? They are here and have been for a very long time.


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