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  1. Thank you. I pray humanity will continue to wake up. As a grandmother I feel led to teach my grandchildren about the connection between us all, and how only love will get us out of the mess we have created for ourselves and the earth. They are the seventh generation of the Native American prophecies, and it is coming to pass as predicted. Soon it will be a brand new love based earth.

  2. Nice message, thank you. I personally see the governments in complicity with corporate powers who manipulate and lie to the electorate in order to fill the pockets of those in power. However, it is our job to walk through fear and hold those accountable who are supposed to protect us and make our lives better, not worse.

  3. Fantastic video! This is such an important message. Many people in UFOlogy and truth movements don't see these connections and why should they? They've been indoctrinated by a scientism that tells us the universe is nothing more than accidental atoms. They've rejected the obviously flawed mainstream religious ideas, but thrown their spirituality out along with them.

    The connection between the ET phenomenon, who we are, and what's next for us individually and as a species is palpable. So important to make this point.

  4. I've been stressing this for a very long time. Thank you for bringing awareness to these connections. Keep going forward with your messages and interviews.

  5. I understand that a lot of this subject is spiritual, but there is a very physical and real side to it, and it's that the whole topic is kept secret from us by the government and military. They didn't do that to protect us, it's secret so they can protect themselves and keep the antigravity and zero point energy technologies hidden from us, because if they were released there would be no poverty, pollution, and much more in the world. And they don't want that, because fossil fuels and oil and the poverty of others is how they selfishly make their money. So yes, we do need to change, we need to all stand up and tell them that's not ok, so that our world isn't in poverty and in pollution anymore.

  6. Adnan! Beautiful video and well spoken! Couldn't have put it better myself. I definitely get this vibe from your videos & that's why we will always be a subscriber! Been watching your videos since day one & got a chance to meet you at the Ufo conference in Eureka springs this year. Had a great time and hopefully see you next year! Keep the interviews coming

  7. Sry bro your wrong. Ufos are military all the way. You've been lied to from brith. These ufos use vortex knowledge to create such is levitation Utilizing the fourth state of matter known as the plasma of the universe or the electromagnetic field Get some weed and lite up. Then go to YouTube and search Fred Grace.


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