CNN AC360 with Anderson Cooper – Breaking News 4/5/2018. CNN Political Commentators Michael Caputo and Karine Jean Pierre talks about President Trump with the whole Stormy Daniels situation.



  1. Stormy Daniels was NOT paid to have sex like that Republican dipshit said. She was paid to keep quiet about the unpaid sex she had with Don the Con. Big difference.

    I wish Anderson Cooper had cleared that up on the Air.

  2. TRUMP IS MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF HIS LIFE! He actually believes that he shall easily win a trade war with China. Trump is a dysfunctional demagogue up against President Xi, a master tactician. Xi is calm, rational, and intelligent; he makes plans and decisions based on logic, foresight, and extensive factual knowledge. Trump is the exact opposite in every possible way! We pay a high price for Trump's chaos; our children are likely to pay a much higher one!

  3. Caputo your right it is wrong, but Trump paid for a pornstar….and he got busted…Trump is a dog for stepping out on his wife, lies caught up with his ass! Fact

  4. So trump supporters and Stormy Daniels have something in common after all, THEY BOTH BEEN FUCKED AND SCREWED BY TRUMP. White folks wake the fuck up and realize at some point you've been to easily bamboozled, smh. They wanted a business man so they picked the nuttiest and most shady business man you can find, smfh. A CON MAN! Get a grip on reality people my gosh….

  5. Distasteful to talk about a woman who gets paid for sex. More Distasteful to have the leader of the free world be such an immoral egotistical narcissist. He has the republican party by the throat & they don't have the balls to fight back. They deserve what's coming in the midterms.

  6. J M M IM WITH U AND FUCK THESE WHITE RACIST "SO CALLED" EVANGELICALS! There is absolutely nothing religious about these DEVILS PUTTING THEIR BELIEF IN IN THE DEVIL(trump). True followers of God wouldn't dare vote for a CLEAR RACIST AND UNQUALIFIED NUT to lead a nation.

  7. How sad but very fucking true. America get these fucking TRAITOR ASS Republicans out of all of our offices across this country.. Its a got damn shame what they are allowing this unqualified nut do to this country by himself, smfh. Where is the fucking outrage America…..WHERE, wtf! CONGRESS GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR SORRY, COMPLACENT, CORRUPT ASSES AND IMPEACH THIS PIECE OF SHIT NOW FOR THE SAKE OF THIS COUNTRY AND ITS FUTURE, smh….

  8. Really proud of our President! A pornstar has dirt on on a presidential candidate and just before the election, she's going to expose the affair, and then she settles for 130k! Art of the deal, losers. 💔MAGA 🇺🇸

  9. Ohh its distasteful to talk about a woman who gets paid for sex!!! But we protect and cover for the man who bought the sex!!! 😂 Trump supporters are the worst hypocrites I've ever seen.

  10. Hypocrites, I think if she cashed the check then she should be held accountable for keeping her mouth closed. So if Obama was to have done something like this would they still be plaster it all over the news. I could careless about this just like I could care less that Clinton got a blow job while married and in office. They would rather report on this stupid sh*t instead of the other major things going on in the world

  11. So now the Baffoon and Chief just admitted to another crime. Campaign Finance Law to add to his Obstruction of Justice. Please let's hurry up and get this POS out of Office so we can stand somewhat proud as a country again.


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