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  1. I really like Kal, I'm subbed, and I rarely disagree with his assertions, but I think Kai and the commie sympathizer were both more than a little off in their ideologies. Show a little respect for the greatest legal document ever written. Show a little respect for the nation and it's form of government that is singular among all others! I can't depend on the constitution, it's just an old piece of paper, but the tenants within it, are brilliant. Furthermore, a free society is solely dependant on morality (and sacrifice). One of the problems today is people don't even know what's moral and what's not… Many people today are of low and weak character, mostly because they've been taught to think that morality is relative. PC culture is an attack on morality for one.

  2. She is describing corporatism not fascism or capitalism, fascism is a flavor of collectivism, the needs of the many outway
    the needs of the individual, that's true fascism . Naziisam is a form of corporatism. If these leftists actually lived in a
    truly marxist country, they would likely find themselves against it having lived in a country that isn't marxist before, unless
    they were in a position of power and wealth.

  3. Nazis !!! Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh.
    I get up, brush my teeth, comb my hair and go fight nazis. The next day I get up, brush my teeth, comb my hair and go fight nazis. The next day I get up, brus….

  4. Her ancestors were kidnapped and brought to America to be enslaved and oppressed?? That's horrible!
    Please let's help her return to her homeland so that she can be free and prosperous again.

  5. WOW.
    They think they oppose fascism/ national socialism by promoting socialism….
    They do not even realise that they are what they are fighting against. It is projection and demonization of the 'other'. Wether the 'other' are jews, the bourgeoisie, infidels/ heathens, africans or now whites ('white privilege', whites are racists/ oppressors).
    It is the left that is the problem of racism and genocide. Always has been. All slavers were democrats, KKK is a military wing of the democrat party. The progressivism back then were admirers of the Nazis until all that became unpopular.
    The opposition to authoritarianism/ totalitarianism is freedom enshrined in a constitution. The opposition to identity politics is individual rights ensured and upheld by your country.

    But even if that black woman would understand that I don't even think she cares. A socialist/ fascist state that oppresses and murders whites (who are of course labeled racists/ nazis)? She'd love that.
    The left's Identity politics is the pre-cursor to the very thing she pretends or thinks she is against.

  6. Today I realized my favorite national monument is four corners. There is literally nothing there but dessert, it's so appropriate! They just laid down some concrete (who else could make a flat surface anyways?) and put some lines in it. People from all over come to this place with a little bit of concrete and indulge into the world of statist fantasy. 😀

  7. Kal, Fascism is LEFT wing politics, tyranny. NAZI means National Socialist Party, and is just to the right of Communism, not much though. Both are Tyrannical, both are for the workers, just look at the posters and banners of both during the 1930's-40's, nearly identical. The main difference is the NAZI's were for the state and corporations merge and the blood cult, with a tyrant at the top. So please stop with the NAZI's were right wing, that is just not true. The first darling girl you interviewed is a Communist though, my heart sinks to think America is in such turmoil, and these brainwashed cultural Marxists want to end us.

    I am a Tea Party person for, enforcing the negative rights from the Constitution ON our Gov't (limited Gov't), fiscal sanity, Pro-Life and the Rule of Law. Your 2A protects your 1A, and all the rest, if we give that up, I hope the chains of tyranny rest lightly on our shoulders.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  8. Great work on finding common ground and getting through there, but I feel like you held back too much on challenging them, even through the socratic method.

  9. From its very foundation America was a white ethnostate with citizenship for only white males of good moral character. Also fuck the statue of liberty created by the french and its stupid poem added by a socialist, it doesnt represent anything about America.

  10. The United States of America, a constitutional republic, divided into states with boundaries, gave rights to the free people. The most free people are the USA citizens. No other land has the 1st or 2nd amendment. These aren’t just rights. They’re human liberties and values.

  11. I suggest you don't use the word capitalism to mean anarchism or voluntaryism. It's doing you no favours, there is no gain when using it with a leftist. Let them have it, you'll make more allies.

  12. At least the socialist lady had some interesting points and knew when to shut it down. It'd be fun to have a face to face with her. Hand out a big steaming pile of nihilism all over her socialist cess pit.
    And point of order/clarification . Mao was responsible for some 50 millions, and depending on the stat Stalin was 20-70 millions.
    But don't worry! It wasnt real communism!


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