Audio Courtesy of Weekend Vigilante Thank You Sheila Zilinsky.



  1. Thank you Steve for your teaching and spreading of the word!!! Great God in heaven our wonderful creator I pray that he keep a lite shining on your great soul. You have helped me with the opening of my mind and eyes and I will always be appreciative and thank you for your voice for the lord and his people. God give you strength and protection into the darkness of the spiritual warfare that we’re involved in right now Steve, lord Jesus is the way!!

  2. I fully understand and accept Jesus as my savoir. I speak and pray to God every day.. asking for peace and survival of the Human race.. I wish the best for all but for those who do evil.. they will be punished..

  3. I thank you Steve Family, Tim A family, Hagmann Family, Tom Horn Family, All the Christian Warriors from the bottom of my heart, for waking this back slidden Christian up, God Bless you all and Pray we wake up more.

  4. I kno everybodys gonna gett on my case for commenting about this but its just my opinion so im intitled too that and with that being said is I cant stand listening too steve quale and marzuli talk with all their little personal thought up catch phrases about whats going on around the 🌎 lol but im not saying that hes nott rite about his talks he just getts on me nerves personally so i just skip to the next Video

  5. NO, it doesnt require a 3 rd WORLD war…… will be in the Middle East only, see EZ 38-39.
    The US will be taken out by a Russian EMP at the same time, so we cant help Israel. [the rest of the world will be untouched].

  6. Thank you Brother Quayle for all your information. We live in astounding times. I love Jesus so much and gladly profess him before man. I do struggle with bringing people into the Kingdom. I pray for God's help and wisdom in this area and his forgiveness. I wish I was better in this area. God bless you and thank you for your prophetic voice in these end times. The church needs the truth. The church needs to be awakened and its eyes opened. The church has sat back having "bless me parties" for too long.

  7. South Africans gave up their guns and that's not working out for them. Murder rate in London out numbers NY City.
    Gun free zones are target-rich environments for MS-13 / Deep State events, population reduction by the eugenicists.


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