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  1. I need help Alex Jones, Ron Paul. There is a "Cancer Conscience" affecting my life, a group of powerful people who get others involved. I am an American Citizen and a Target and victim of Terrorism. F.B.I. have framed me for being a "Muslim" with no facts and a life long job. They want me dead. The Government.

  2. Alex i love you brother Patriot. God bless you and President Trump. Leftist globalists sycophants are on their DEATH BED, and ready to expire. God has already declared victory over globalists communists traitors and America will never be left behind by God. The spirit of George Washington will lead us to the winners circle.

  3. so what is it you might add too make this a Merry Christmas in America…… and for Jack…. write me Jack Condor…… let me hear your hopes and cares….. please put let Israel burn at the top of your list….. and join my club…..

  4. then I want to go grab every jew disc jockey from every fucking radio station across the country and fucking drag them out kicking and screaming begging for their lives….. which will be of no help to them…… they are done….

  5. Dear Santa Donald Trump….. all I want for Christmas is too watch Israel burn….. Ive been a good boy all year long….. can you put that gift in my stocking ….. Merry Christmas to all…. and to all a good night…..

  6. if you dont' like my plan well fuck you….. do you have a better one….. no … I know the answer is no…. cause you dont….. none of you do….. you poisoned the water the food the airwaves with disabling cocktails of verbal assaults and FDA adds the chemicals to reduce us to inferior beings…. but you never thought anyone would stand up and say fuck you I go we all go…… I dont even care for mankind much anyway….. fucking butterflies should be the next species to flourish…… you people truly are shit….. I hope Trump wipes out the human race completely….. it is garbage….

  7. cant play this game if your not willing to let it all go….. 7 billion people here than gone…. no explanations … no advanced notifications….. no legal entanglements….. just boom… thats it…..

  8. to me it sounds like everybody is playing stupid…. we must have at least 20 percent of the population who know that there was a secret deal to allow the Soviets to snatch up a large swath of the United States….. way I see it their must of been a flash surrender from the Executive branch at some point ….. could of been a series of surrenders also from multiple administrations…. anyway if we are no match for the Soviets lets just fucking nuke them and call it a day….. everybody burns in my plan…. cause my plan is Mutually Assured Destruction….. thats my plan….. whats yours?

  9. Government has grown exceedingly corrupt and has betrayed mankind, and the time has come to shut down commerce and travel, and go after these satanist/globalists before they can kill us all. It will be brutal, bloody, horrific and apocalyptic, but it’s necessary in order to preserve civilization!

  10. Thanks Ron! Comment…"I don't usually brag, but" yeah, right… FAKE! Give me a friggin break… Hey, ya gotta watch out for those "but" 's also…They will LITERALLY get ya 'in the butt'…


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