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  1. Thanks so much Alex from Valencia (Catalonia's neighboring state) for speaking the truth about the thuggish Spanish government!! The referendum doesn't affect my state but I care about justice regardless, no one is safe in Spain if there's no accountability for these despicable actions

  2. the globalist's are under the influence of satin literally. I conquer with the resistance but you must not be afraid fear is crippling The Lord Jesus is always in control period. His power and Love casts out all fear; with the renewal of your mind by accepting Jesus the Messiah by reading, studying and eating scripture. we are the watchman/women for the case against the enemy and his followers/puppets. Long live the king of kings Yahweh. I say the darker it gets around the better that means daddy Jesus is coming! pay backz I pray the truth gets in my brothers and sisters. Lord help us endure till the end and when every 1 is freaking out surround us I'll be singing your praise

  3. If you can get funding Alex, as long as they're not going to try to control anything you say, I think you should take it! The left has crazy corporate backing, and we need all the help we can get!

  4. at least the spaniard police got the balls to handle a bunch of trouble makers. the USA police had no backbone and are a bunch of sissies when it comes to handle trouble makers like blm and antifa.

  5. can someone PLEEZE tell me what the bumper music at 22:57 is that uses the moon landing samples??? Alex has used it for years, and it's always been one of my favorites. But I have no clue who does it…I can't even find it in his play lists anywhere….Thanks in advance.

  6. As for the George Guidestones, why are people so flustered? Hire a bigrig and tow chains and go pull them down. Issue solved. Just take the stupid things down! Also, I am erecting my own Humanity Guidestones for a future of love and peace and spiritual enlightenment.


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