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  1. I will look into Steve Bannon being a communist.all i know is the entire world is under the UN Communist flag and my Constitution forbids this country be under any other than God .

  2. and I don't think it's there first generation here…
    .. at least 1 may be 2 more came up through our school system….. maybe not as many but enough to change things…… I think there covert infiltrating of the United States caught us by such surprise we gasped ….. froze like deer in the headlights

  3. it looks like they have seeded a generation coming up through the high schools ….. so that means they been here for 20 years…. now I regress because I have to go back to my original assumption ….. the Iranian hostage crisis was a rouse to give the Kremlin oppurtunity to slip in their Manchuria candidate …..Ronald Reagan …

  4. they are also in the medial labor force …. waitresses …. plumbers ….. cops ….
    utility workers ….. techies …. they must have at least 6 million operatives in this country if the are hunkering down …..

  5. Hoboken New Jersey is a literal combine of Russian operatives …. it's so obvious …. they are in all the north east area …. I can't go anywhere without tripping over one …. what's going on in the Midwest anyone noticing them ….

  6. my Pinnacle don't even go off half-cocked I don't think but I don't blink by hesitate they will die we're fighting the freaking hoard can't even be seen people don't know what they can actually do till they set their goddamn mine too people are faster what they think you use drugs you don't fast as me you're telling me to slow down but I say I'm speeding up I train for what I've done you're about to be done I have to go to Florida going to be f*** if I have to leave my rain you going to be done for

  7. Alex, their first bubble community was undoubtedly California. Look into who owns California. They have weird laws about land ownership out there that are not exactly… Kosher. You may pay and pay and pay and when you get up to finally getting the title to your property, they give you a certificate of title that is not the title itself but it's guaranteed by a state Bureau, that is you are allowed to say that you own the place as long as you pay your taxes and abide by all their laws. I presume exactly the same thing will happen in the said Bubble cities. But that also relates to something else now doesn't it? The parable of the wheat and the tares. For you see unlike what the churches teach, it will be the evil, the unlawful, those who are against the law of Yahweh, who will be removed first, and part of that is the Gathering up first. If these people gather in bubble cities, so much easier for the almighty to find and extract them. All the gee-whiz technology that we know of today is mere Tinker Toys to the Almighty. It's not an easy thing to accept, but according to the book and the story, the almighty actually has enemies. Though we be his creatures, we are still living in a war zone. I have my own reasons why I think the almighty did this. They're obviously is a reason. In any case I certainly do not hold the Almighty responsible for the evil in the world as some loose headed people tend to do. You are doing a great job. Blessings.

  8. Alex, the creature in the basement doesn't look that intelligent and clearly if he had that much armament there must have been someone helping him. I'm going to suggest to everyone that our enemies our networked in ways that we are not because we are independent by nature and don't network with each other easily. Remember what Christ said, he that does not gather with me, scatters. That's very important information. Thanks and best

  9. Jeff Sessions really needs to go….he hasn't done his job appropriately since getting into office. Clinton and Company NEED TO BE ARRESTED AND PROSECUTED.  The evidence against them is overwhelming although, the Media and Washington DC chose to ignore it as not to incriminate themselves or the Clintons and Company.  TRULY DISGUSTING and the American people (who are aware) are totally fed up with the BS.

  10. Fox News reporting on Sessions today was very disappointing, they are running the same false narrative on his meetings with Russians.I watched all of Sessions testimony from the beginning and what Sessions said and what the Left and Media are saying he said is twisted and false.I am really getting tired of these repulsive corrupt idiots undermining good honest people.Fox has been on this misleading train for sometime now notice their guests they now use are from Media outlets that colluded with the Clinton campaign ( Wikileaks ) and they totally ignore this fact.But Americans are realizing this looking at Fox’s ratings on certain Anchors.

  11. To be fair though in the past a lot of Africans converted to Islam the same way pagans in Europe converted to Christianity. Not denying the slave trade but I'm just adding this fact as well.

  12. When the church keeps silent, evil will abound. Eventually evil will take charge & the church will be persecuted, with many being killed. Church, its time you come outside your church & get involved in the news to proclaim the good of God, verse the evil of the devil's demon spirits (liberals) at war on the church.


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