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  1. He’s right about the Comanche, they were known to be ruthless barbarians. It didn’t matter what you were, White, Black, Mexican, Kiowa, Cheyenne, Lakota, Apache, Muskogee, Shoshone or whatever, if you were caught on Comanche land you were as good as dead. And likely tortured to death.

  2. The fact that Hillary Obama Soros haven’t been taken down yet, tells me alot. They’ve been given too much time to prepare, nothing will ever change. There are no political parties anymore, there’s only ONE establishment and the establishment will never have itself arrested and prosecuted.

  3. Protracted war, 100 years later and the blood keeps flowing, 1000 more years and the blood keeps flowing, a never ending war.
    Fight to the death for freedom, there is no other choice.

  4. Pastor James David Manning was right about Obama being a piece of garbage and he is right about Trump being a piece of garbage too. It's just a shame that you don't call Trump out for "allowing" our criminal government to SPRAY us with Nano-Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, and FLU VIRUS too.

    There are no OFF-WORLD FORCES. It's a shame you have apparently lost your mind.

  5. Jesus Alex.
    You just don't get it.
    The new beginning is upon us.
    Total meltdown of the 🌎.
    Every country.
    Our government.

    Your not God.
    Embrace it and hold on its Father driving this 🚌.

    We all fall down.

    You have an opportunity here.
    Get on board or be left behind.

  6. I have a bad feeling it is going to be a very hot and early summer, course I have no idea what the weather will do, I have watched so many people give way, all at once or little by little, knowing everyone has their price and that many oh so many will come very cheaply. The most painful part is watching family members jump head long into the obis and can no longer be even be reached. When do you decide that you have been played, at what point do you finally see through the layers of crap sandwich you have been fed. Is there a line in the sand for you somewhere? You have already given in so much just to stay on line. Just can't help but wonder how far you have yet to go…

  7. Sadly, President Trump used his second amendment right to shoot himself in the foot this week. Many of us are still reeling from the betrayal. It will be a long time coming to earn that trust back.

    Thank you, Alex, for speaking truth about what came out of Pres.Trump's mouth during that 1+ hour meeting Sadly, there are many here who haven't even bothered to listen to it. I've been a Trump supporter since he announced his candidacy. I voted for him, I've defended him hundreds of thousands of times on social media and in personal conversations as well. But this time? No. He should NEVER use our second amendment, our due process, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution as bargaining chips. Never. Ever.

    Our rights are given to us by our Creator. They are uninalienable (not to be given away, not to be taken, and definitely not to be used as a bargaining chip for a "deal"). Our second amendment right is dear and clear! It shall not be infringed. To hear him state this: "bump stocks are gone, I'm going to sign an executive order" was appalling. Sounded like Obama 2.0. To hear him say "take the guns and then give due process rights" was shocking. Sorry, folks, that's not "4-d chess", that's playing checkers with globalists and openly giving them a win. I never thought I'd hear the words he said come out of his mouth.

    Pres.Trump needs to recant in public, clear and concise terms. Nothing short of this will be acceptable. Even with that, the trust has been broken and the betrayal is so sharp and painful. We know we did the right thing voting for him, the alternative was unthinkable. BUT, that said, he may well be a one term president after this loose talk about taking away due process, caving to gun control, and trampling on not just our second amendment rights, but our Bill of Rights, and our very Constitution! This is also going to hurt mid-term 2018 elections for Congress.

    I'm beginning to wonder if republicans in Congress don't like holding the majority? Were they more comfortable holding the minority so they could use the "our hands are tied, we don't have enough votes in Congress" excuse? Many of us have long realized that much of congress is bought out by globalist interest. We recognize they've been compromised. But this week… the one person we believed was not compromised now appears to have been compromised after all.

    Think about it… why else are both republicans in Congress as well as our President unconcerned about the very real and serious issue of CENSORSHIP??? Certainly they realize this effects their own re-election chances. Anyone speaking for them has been censored on social media, video platforms, search engines, and even payment processors. Why is the president ignoring this very clear threat to the first amendment? Why are republicans in congress also ignoring the censorship? Even CPAC (the nation's largest supposedly conservative political group) actually censored the topic OF censorship last week. The break-out session on censorship was canceled. Dinesh D'Sousa and Jim Hoft were banned from CPAC. Could it be that republicans in congress don't WANT to win the 2018 mid-terms (and they can't without our free speech rights). Could it be that the president himself has been compromised? Find a reason WHY censorship isn't being addressed by those who could actually do something about it. It's the only reason that makes sense.

    " It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man." (Psalm 118:8). God is in control. As His word aligns with precision and stunning accuracy we witness the last days commencing exactly as foretold. Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38-39, 2 Tim.3:1-5, Rom.1:18-32, Matthew 24, Dan.9:27, Revelation chapters 6-18 are soon to unfold as described. Believe it or not (sadly, many won't believe until they are in the middle of it) God's word is true and coming to pass.

    Trust Christ alone for salvation. (1 Cor.15:1-4, Rom.10:9-13, Eph.2:8-9, John 3:16-18, John 14:6, Rom.3:23-25 , Rom.6:23, et al). Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and rose the third day. Believe on Him for salvation. Jesus has promised to deliver us (believers) from the wrath to come (1 Thes.1:10, Rom.5:9, 1 Thes.5:9). He even foretold HOW He will deliver believers (1 Cor.15:49-53, 1 Thes.4:16-18). And make no mistake, God's wrath IS soon to commence on this God-hating and Christ-rejecting world.

  8. Does that mean that those tribes will have to pay WHITES repatriations from all of their casino BILLIONS for all of THEIR atrocities?? They need to start sending US monthly checks from now on!! Two way street kids!!

  9. You, Alex, sometimes it is difficult to know the truth, to know the future, I hate to admit it.
    Best you all Here not depend, put your hopes faith in the government.
    That mind set is liken to welfare recipients, just hoping praying waiting for the next check to get by, by some other entity to save your ass.

    Wake up sleepy children

    You had better prepare well for what is coming.
    But he fights relentlessly to the very end of what will be.
    In the after time after the tribulation purification events, out of the ashes the ones that survive will start again.
    Foods, Water, Medical, for 6 years +..,alternative energy, shelter, basic tools, and self defense.
    Do not even think at all you will be saved.
    You all are and must take full responsibility for your own condition, and for what comes.
    Do you know what will be?
    Stop the bs talk, the arguing.
    Hoping, prayer, thinking you will be saved.
    This insane notion is rubbish.
    A great storm is upon us another approaches.

  10. Best you all Here not depend, put your hopes faith in the government.
    Wake up sleepy children
    You had better prepare well.
    Foods, Water, Medical, for 6 years +..,alternative energy, shelter, basic tools, and self defense.
    Do not even think at all you will be saved.
    You all are and must take full responsibility for your own condition, and for what comes.
    Do you know what will be?
    Stop the B's hope, prayer, thinking you will be saved.
    This insane notion is rubbish.
    A great storm is upon us another approaches.

  11. Regardless of the fact that Soros turned out to be "Soros" I can't help but to pity the starving, skin and bones 14 year old that survived the horrible times, not any different from the other thousands of Jewish children that disclosed the location of hidden friends and family for a bar of chocolate.

  12. I live in a country that has a hate law. I am not sure that if I were to say that all religions are BS that I would not be charge with an offence.. That is BS.

  13. Gets warned about jacbson being a double agent, then gets stabbed in the back and now its armenians fault because of 1 shyster lawyer. Scapegoats an extremely marginalized group that can't shut him down, total coward. After searching if they donate to TYT, all I get is them protesting TYT and yelling at the dumb twat ana for being a sellout.
    Alex youre the cuck, you dont even stand up for your own people, mr let america go brown!

  14. Hey Alex good luck with the sexual harassment and your racist remarks. After you bled the families of Sandy Hook, Kharma has arrived the wife don't want you near the kids, now this….lmfao

  15. Alex please define psycho looking smile. Is that a smile of anybody you disagree with? Does the Mona Lisa have a psycho smile? Do you have a psycho smile?


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