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  1. Alex, your entire show is a disinformation attack. I wish I could have 10 minutes to debate you. You wouldn’t air what I had to say if your life depended on it. The fact your audience isn’t able to pinpoint your daily lies, 180 of ideals, and deliberate reporting of right wing propaganda enhanced with fake angles and conspiracy ensures you’re doing exactly what time warner wants you to do.

  2. Why are people so afraid of AJ? If he was just a nutbag conspiracy theorist no one would care a whit about him. Kicking him off an internet website will only enhance his fame and power.

  3. What  am I missing?  A bunch of left wingers protesting about "free Speech", They are out in the streets, protesting the very thing the 1st amendment allows them to do.  Let them go to China or N Korea and protest, and see what happens to them. When they eat their froot Loops in the morning, they must have a defective tube inside that is diverting the cereal going to their stomachs and instead being diverted to that hollow space between their ears.

  4. Jeannie you are a parrot
    * you repeat the same nonsense*
    You have NO MIND of your own.

    Parrots, Parrot = one who repeats the same long ago corrupted scripture.

    You put all your eggs in one basket, in fear and hope, of which faith is a front
    Your ego, arrogance and stupidity but more yet your fear which you hide behind it and use "FAITH" AS a front cover. Yes you do.
    What Nonsense.
    I re-search and sincerely look for the bits and pieces of truth and certainly that is scant very rare here and on most all the yt.

    Honestly most of the commenters here " think they know it all "…,
    The Bible,
    A long ago complete body of Holy Knowledge, including the writings concerning past lives, which you Jeanine and most are totally unaware of.

    It has since been re-written a hundred times corrupted altered scripture, huge omissions evidenced by more division, hatred arguing amonst yourselves than ever before on our planet.

    Religion is a means of control and THE cause of the masses in confusion evidenced by the masses in division now in present time society

    Wake up Jeanine and all…

    You are parrots, children, naieve.

    .. A parrot hears and mimics anything it hears, just like children your parrot parents and their parents told them.

    And you having been programed as children repeat the same false data.

    Insanity…, doing the same thing over and over again, expecting life to change.

    T h a t . Is . C r a z y
    The latter is clearly evidenced and can be clearly seen by anyone's observation of people here and all over the planet saying the same things over and over, i.e.
    " jesus is coming "
    " The world is ending tommorow next month in one year "

    A Gazillion prayers prayed by the billions of people for millennia


    L O O K P E E P S
    The same stuff is and has been happening for thousands of years* { wars, killing, hatred, prejudice, perversion, crime
    Has it been saved???
    WAKE UP!

    I'm no atheist, i believe in the higher power BUT I KNOW what the higher power is and means.

    … but if you think you have a free pass off planet Earth VIA THE RAPTURE plan and prepare for a big dissapointment.

    You are here just like everyone else to go through the purification/tribulation which by the way IS In Progress.
    No one, no divinity no god is going to save you from what comes.
    We are here and will remain those of us who can learn the lessons and get it right.

    We are here to learn the lessons to decide our individual Spiritual Orientation whether to be Caring or Selfish.
    John Lennon said it best in his song, IMAGINE
    Re-Read the lyrics people.
    It's perfect sense.
    You Jeanine and your ilk sit around like welfare recipients waiting for your salvation.
    You Are Programed, Brainwashed and you do not know it

  5. trump will be removed from office by the deep state . the wheels are falling off ! Kushner the son in law has received $564 million loan from citi group after meeting at the white house after the Donald was elected its all coming down on trump very soon ! ! !

  6. Sov Proj
    1 second ago
    One needs to deal realistically about all of this stuff. This is nothing new. Your response may be overly-politically assessed. Advertisers have never liked controversial or "edgy" stuff. Ever wonder why television programming was so vanilla, whitewashed, "happy", brain dead???? Yes, advertisers want a sterile environment. They never want their products associated with things that vear outside of the main middle swath of the mentality of the consumers of media in-which their products are showcased.

    Since Google, Youtube, et al make money based on the fickle whims of their advertisers, they will demote or dump that which is considered fringe in favor of that which they believe is "safe"; that which the populace will approve, or with the least amount of negative reaction.

    If "truth" (warts and all) was fashionable, or acceptable, you can bet that the advertisers would line up. Dont misconstrue what i am saying; I dont like censorship and I admire people who will bring a point of view closer to truth, edgy, graphic, or otherwise, that challenges or shames the orthodox arbiters of perception.

    There is no way around that fact-of-reality. The only way it will change is if the center swath of the public begin to change and accept the more edgy; to tolerate that which is at present, intolerable… then those who pay the media publishers will change what they will allow for a medium.

    "Truth", controversy, or that which challenges the orthodoxy, has always been frighting to the great unwashed. It takes a long time before they begin to accept a new reality and new voices. I believe what Alex does is pioneering that change, but it takes time.

    lets also not forget that Alex and others have had plenty of time to create their own platform (other than his website); something like youtube or facebuck, that allows and preserves and promotes this form of content and viewpoint. lets hope we learn from this setback and something along those lines begins to take shape from here on out.

    Stop whining and criticizing the leftist media; they are also entitled to protect their lefty point of view, just like the right. Stop referring to them as the "MEDIA", as if they are obliged to be balanced, while the "Alt-media" can play by different rules. If the alt-media wants to play in the big arena, then they have to create their own facilities, and appeal to advertisers, or use other means for monetization on their own efforts. In other words stop your whining about how unfair the left is, then get busy and build your own empire.

    One more note: if you believe you can sue and argue based on the 1st amendment… forget it, that will lose. The amendment only restrains government censorship, not that of a private corporation; they are free to censor you all they want. This is not a free speech issue… it simply is not. Government is not who is doing the censoring… private business is, and it is legal for them to do so.

    A lawsuit should only be brought and argued based on anti-trust. I think many are starting to wake up and realize that these large media platforms should be regulated as public utility platforms (like local power and water companies are). They are not entitled to sow up the market any more that than any other corporation is. They need to be brought to heel by government regulation, with uniform rules applying across the board. I believe you would see that have great public support.

  7. Well I lasted only 10 minutes.
    At least I keep trying.

    Dude your constant dribble is your own downfall.

    You give your enemies ammunition every time you go on a rampage.

    Stop the name calling and report the news in your heart not your mind maybe you won't get banned.

    You have become your worst enemy.

    You have become them.
    A talking opinionated head.

    Just making an observation.

  8. One more thing people, criticizing without a point, just to TRY (and not succeding) at being cool is no solution to weaponized soy, or the other option, cruel horrible mutated milk, obtained from horribly abused cows. Watson is pure sensesionalism and Alex Jones pet, he's running with it because he's teachers pet!😚

  9. Overdone, not funny anymore, in otherwords verbose incontinence and BORING! And PJ, you look exactly like Big Boy, also known as Burger Boy, that jolly burger eating fellow from the 50's! The soy boy thing, didn't stick, but with your 2000 borrowed from infowars listeners! I like the mouse video better.

  10. I can see clearly now with the rain still here, a body of majestic tears builds as i wait patiently, the Sun peaks from
    the clouds like it's always liking me, knowing this is real with me, preparing the boat used to cross this sea of tears
    you see, to journey with this power so great it commands real unity!
    I can feel it burning inside our hearts, a yearning so strong it looks past the dark, climbing higher than birds dare
    embark, it saw all things from front to back, counting no time then none it lacks.
    Along the way broken hearts are mended, minds will be free to see it all unfold, a small glimpse of the birth of our
    galaxy, as power is released in every direction of humanity, wondrous things are about to happen.
    If we only all knew why we're really here, you wouldn't think to yourself but all this dark fear!, pressure allowed making
    some hard not realizing they're clear! A royal generation is brewing to appear, for the
    works are many while we are all unaware, a special possession prepared to declare, in the name of that sun the clouds
    don't fear!

  11. This brain chip stuff is identical to the CVI from the sci fi series Earth Final Conflict. Any sci fi fans who never saw that series, I highly recommend it. It is one of my favorites, and there are a lot of similarities to our end times.

    In that show, the CVI altered the person's "motivational imperative", causing them to place the needs and agenda of the Taelons above that of the human race.

  12. I guess they could drive some crazy, and miserable enough, that they would opt out of their life, and agree to be euthanized. Only those with no faith in God, could be so influenced. That's why they hate God. Because God doesn't leave you hanging on the edge of a precipice, without any hope. He's here with us, to help us prosper, not to hurt us, but to help us. No one wants us to know that!

  13. What you see is the transformation of a masculine run world into an effeminate one mainly by false religion. The catholic church is called the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. Rev.17. The feminization of males is a product of the spirit of Antichrist. You can read about the demise of the nation of Israel in the book of Jeremiah 40-44, then you can parallel it with America.Now, sinner friend you may not be effeminate, but if you haven't been saved by the grace of God through repentance of your sins and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, you are just as lost as the Sodomites. Romans1, 10; Acts 20:21

  14. Then there's those that were in the military long enough to have found out how the military uses AI, and uses those methods against those in their life. Interestingly enough, this type doesn't have any digital footprint. Won't use the internet, or even a cell phone.


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