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  1. Youtubes sucks. I just made an informal complaint on YouTube and cnn for censorship and fraud. Next I will be calling my intel brothers and see what we can do or bring it up chain of command.

  2. George Soros, A holocaust survivor??????????????????
    Well, if they try and censor the Conservative stations,the good thing is ,at least WE HAVE LONG MEMORIES. I think the censoring will backfire bigly. Impossible to put the genie back in to the bottle.

  3. Oh come on, why play up the false flags? Should only be doing one thing… exposing the events as false flags. There's ample evidence to show our news is made using actors.

  4. The Detroit Partnership is a powerful Italian Mafia organization in the United States working with Canadian mafia factions, Chicago Outfit, Cleveland crime family and the Five Families of New York. They are involved with various forms of organized crime including gambling and racketeering. The current head of the Detroit Partnership is Jackie Giacalone. The top billionaire in Detroit is Daniel Gilbert who is worth over 5 billion and runs Jack Entertainment a company that owns casinos and hotels as well as being a primary owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The mafia are involved with rigging sports for fixing bets and also go hand in hand with casinos. Jack Entertainment was formerly called Rock Gaming until 2016 and I believe they changed the name to honor Jack Giacalone. The mafia use Jewish businessmen and wicked white collar mobsters like Dan Gilbert as front men to conceal their money laundering and other criminal activities. The mafia prefer casinos because of the cash flow that enables them to easily launder their criminal profits. It is reported the Italian Mafia make tens of billion per year. Mafia enterprises are more prosperous than most legal industries especially since mafias don't pay taxes. Jack Entertainment also operates in Ohio and the Detroit Partnership operated in Ohio with Peter Licavoli as the head of their criminal operations that included gambling. Russell Papalardo is the head of the Cleveland crime family today and one of the most sadistic members of Cosa Nostra. The Zerilli family have been top bosses of the Detroit Mafia and their name Zerilli is related to the Zara dice game for gambling. Zara is also the Italian and Austrian name for Zadar, Croatia and the Odescalchi family of Rome holds princely titles in Croatia to this day as the Duke of Syrmia. The Odescalchi family own Serbian-Croatian mafias which are allied with the Italian Mafia. The Detroit Mafia control the Teamster Union through infiltration and through their front man James Hoffa the President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The Detroit mafia boss Vito Giacalone was the primary suspect in Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance. The mafia controlled teamsters extort businessmen.

    The Detroit mafia use the term partnership for Partinico, Sicily where Nene Geraci ran Sicilian operations. It is really the Detroit Partinico Mafia. The Ventimiglia family ruled Geraci and this is where Nene Geraci took his name from. The Ventimiglia family are a very large nobility of Genoa, Sicily, France, and Spain. They are presently intermarried with the Savoy-Aosta branch with Princess Silvia Paterno-Ventimiglia of Spedalotto married to Prince Amadeo of Savoy-Aosta. Another member of the Ventimiglia family is Swiss Professor Giovanni Ventimiglia who is involved with metaphysics and Roman Catholic Gnosticism as well as covertly working as a mind controller, programmer, and brainwasher for Rome and the Savoy-Aosta family. The Ventimiglia family held about a dozen titles of lordship in Sicily and originated in Ventimiglia of Northern Italy until the Savoy family conquered them. The House of Savoy-Aosta have become part owners of the Detroit Partnership and had purchased a portion from the Pallavicini and Odescalchi families which still have ownership today. Detroit boss William Tocco took his name from the Tocco family of Italy and Greece which gave the name to the town of Tocca da Casauria ruled by an Italian-Croatian nobility called the Boemondo di Tarsia family just as the Odescalchi family ruled in Croatia. Peter Tocco is a current top street boss for the Detroit Partnership. The Detroit Mafia families are of Italian-Croatian bloodlines. The Pallavicini and Lucchesi-Palli family have few remaining connections with Sicily which is why their Lucchese crime family keeps getting shut down. The Odescalchi family don't have many connections to Sicily. The Sicilian Mafia manages Cosa Nostra in the United States. The Savoy, Pallavicini, and Odescalchi families all have ruled in Genoa in the past. The Savoy-Aosta and Ventimiglia families' connections with Sicily help to give the Detroit Partnership its stability. Prince Carlo Odescalchi is the top owner and extremely oppressive and dangerous.

  5. The poor old women in Sweden that Alex worries so much about will finally be safe when it becomes common knowledge that Islam is the Fourth Reich by Stealth. Nothing wakes people up faster than the threat of Nazism, but the Hitler/Islam connection is being hidden in plain sight with the crucial help of cowards. Once that changes everything changes – how can it not?

  6. taking the guns will not work. The laws are designed to be slow moving but a law designed to immediately pick up anyone threatening violence against anyone who is not threatening them with violence is the only justification to go after a gun owner. Picking them up is the way to get them off the street and neutralize the threat. If you take the gun they will just get another one. Personally I would rather not give the government that much control because they have shown they can not be trusted. In the end killing these mass murderers during their rampages will begin to curb this trend of mass shooters and their lust for fame. Change the laws that protect criminals and threaten law abiding citizens and you will begin to solve the problem. All mind altering drugs should never be available to young people or anyone with anger issues until better testing and safety can be assured. Far too many medicines today on the market are dangerous.

  7. Every time I see that video of Trump and Diane Feinstein I want to vomit!!!!! He has officially been caught in bed with a raging hard on with the goblins. You people who think its a trick or playing them just imagine your wife or husband in bed with their pants down and see if it looks like a " trick" to you! Now Fox is reporting Trump is endorsing incumbent establishment candidates in upcoming primaries. WTF???? Keeping establishment scumbags is not draining the swamp


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