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  1. If I hear anyone say bad things about you based on what they. "heard" or "read", I will explain to them how and why those things are false. I believe you. I also say that they need to take the time to listen to you themselves. That they can't really know unless they listen with their own ears.

  2. South Africa is frigged. Socially, economically, culturally and spiritually. In 20 years time after the white genocide takes place the Springbok team will be decimated and won't exist. Its such a beautiful country too what a shame

  3. his former employee Ashley Beckford is ugly as sin she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down! She claims discrimination because she didnt get a promotion within a year. smfh shes just bitter because she got fired and is looking for a payday.

  4. The white South Africans need to get together en masse and take back the country from these low iq racist blacks. Without the whites there wouldn't have been any South Africa in the first place.

  5. Though you have to respect Roche, what Alex suggests as a realist is true. He does not have a chance in HELL! The white minority will have all their property taken and will be killed or imprisoned and the world and media will look the other way — you can be certain of that. The next step, and it may take 8-10 years--the entire country will collapse into a dark night. South Africa as a nation is finished and there is no hope of redemption at this point. Unless you have a "DEATH WISH" — PLEASE GET OUT IF YOU ARE WHITE. please.

  6. Alex, you lost a lot of great reporters, on right after another. Jacari Jackson, Joe Biggs, Kee Anne and another great female reporter right after. I really liked Ashley too. You have a big turnover.

  7. There is no man or beast on the earth that destroys their feed supply because they disagree with a court ruling. Burn it down destroy then blame other hide colors for it. Join the culture don't destroy it.

  8. Feel sorry for these Jamokes. So stupid and then blame others for their filthy culture. Look at Chicago Baltimore philly Oakland Detroit etc all dark run and shitholes. Cut a slice off of the country and let's separate like they want. Develope your own schools and economy support yourselves without stupid whitey. Wouldn't that be great! No more stupid whites keeping darn skin down. I'd love to see that.

  9. Africa. what a great continent. When the Africans kill off their white food suppliers it will be just like Ferguson Missouri . Nothing changes with the breed. Truth is racism.

  10. Alex, we get it, you're being wronged by the dems, they're lying (as usual) slandering you, your crew and you need money to continue the fight, WE GOT IT! Now, can we please get on with what ELSE IS HAPPENING? It's like the hot coffee getting dumped on you, that sucked, but we heard enough. Everybody buy stuff, donate, spread the word so Alex can talk about SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!

  11. They're putting you on  the defense 24/7 so that you don't have time to focus on their big crimes. They know what they're doing and you're going right along with it. They're keeping you occupied so you won't focus on their real crimes and then they'll drop the charges, thus they will manipulate you in the process

  12. So now we have BOTH a Jewish guy and a black woman who Alex Jones took under his wing and paid, TURNING ON Alex Jones himself when he's always constantly touting how much he loves the black people and Jewish people and says that they are being victimized. He's being called out by two minorities (one Jewish and one black) as being a white supremacists and he has showing kindness to both of them by having them over at his house and in his life.
    Oh, the rich irony of all of it !! When will Jones ever learn that you can't cuddle a snake to your breast and not expect it to bite you ?


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