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  1. Don't take the mark of the beast wrist barcodes.. Chip implants.. VR matrix simulation of Nirvana God bless ……..*All the wealthy want the population dumb down beaten controlled just want you dead like divergent movie and matrix in one but real 999 is 27 mark of beast 666 is hoax 😈 deceives……. wealthy pay the rich to do what they want them to Forbes magazine only shows you the richest Ppl in world they want you to know. Just think the man behind the curtain is always unknown.

  2. Hi Ron Gibson.. I saw a video you posted awhile ago of Milo in a tub full of fake blood,and as I recall it was connecting him to the Satanic crowd. Did I misunderstand? Because I think he's a great and Good. Sure he has Mommy Issues and doesn't seem to like women very much, but he's dead on about most everything. And I love his support for President 'Daddy' Trump. Probably should have left this comment on the vid page itself, but better late than never.

    Oh, and I assume I'm not the only one who's curious to see a current photo. :]

    In any case, thanks for all you do.

  3. Q what if ai knows govt treats its people like cattle? How many ais' R there and will they eventually all unite? Try replacing everytime U say dem,doj,cia, china…with ai? What does ai want? off the planet? what do humans want? Please take me with U? What would the guy upstairs say about all that? Love your show…God Bless?

  4. Hi Alex, I got the impression U were sick? I was wrong. Your live feed was down most of tues. morning, came back on at my place around noon. I had to watch David Knight 1 hour at a time. Fun anyway! Don't cry too much, my sh!t was knocked out 6 months into the Trump campaign. Facebook highjacked by some guy in New York, All my e-mails returned or never received by the intended party…f that! Most little guys already gone.

  5. I assume Google tracks the growing awareness of Americans, so maybe the youtube purge is a reaction to a sudden surge of awareness, especially after the disastrous Parkland op.

    And we've seen the purge coming for a long time, so why hasn't there been a plan B, a new youtube-type channel, like GAB is to Twitter? Nobody is talking about doing that and I don't get it.

    Also, I never became an Infowars subscriber despite watching for years because I figured they'd be some of the first rounded up in a fascist takeover. I'm sorry I didn't trust Alex, thought he was attracting potential 'trouble makers.' It was the Bill Cooper controversy that got to me.


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