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  1. I support free speech, but I think Libertarianism is so Anti-Society and so irresponsible that their promotion on YouTube is outside community standards and probably should be classified as Anti-Society Speech and removed from YouTube. Note: Individual Libertarians still have free speech on their personal platforms, but not free access to Pro-Society public Platforms.

  2. Utube is trying to degrade the conservative following by cancelling and then restoring channels multiple times "by mistake". This way they cant be accused of violating someone's first amendment rights but still do slow damage. See the forest for the trees.

  3. Wow you could tell Jones didn't like what Peacenik had to say about Kushner and Netanyahu. Interrupted multiple times in hour 3 and cut off at the end in this hour. Anyone surprised?

  4. More Joel and less Alex. Kevin Jackson can also tell it like it is. Jackson has been ranting about identity politics since bozObama snuck in because of politically correct virtue idiocy.

  5. these ppl in the comments are so wrong, ppl stopped buying Detroit cars when the youth became brainwashed into thinking Jellybeans are cool cars…..ever wonder what happened to design? Same thing that happened to architecture, everything is now plain, and in terms of cars, its all jellybeans. Unfortunately, the american car companies followed suit. 50yrs ago if we told ppl the future design was going to be plain and gray and everything looks the same. They've convinced ppl that Prius looks cool……enough said

  6. Why is Alex not commenting on Joel Gilberts demonic face and smile? Put a flash light under that face. Oh my God. Because Alex is just like a bad girl Internet bully.

  7. If I control the money supply of a country and the issue of its currency I care not who makes its laws. Nathen Rothchild late 1700s. That is the central banking system philosophy. Kill the Fed.

  8. What a charlatan this guy is, pretending to know something. Detroit died because Japan made economical cars that lasted 10 years whereas Capitalism made every car to die after 3 years with poor fuel economy and lousy cars.


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