Alex Jones has been blowing an anti-Semitic dog whistle for years. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.…



  1. You forgot the part of the interview where Alex Jones said his mom was jewish, which was a couple of seconds away from your clip. And Soros SAID HIMSELF THAT HE WAS STANDING BESIDE THE NAZIS WHILE THEY RIPPED JEWS FROM THEIR HOMES AND CONFISCATED THEIR HOMES AND HE DIDN'T FEEL BAD ABOUT IT. That by definition is NAZI COLLABORATION. We all know Young Turks is the internets version of CNN. Bunch of propaganda garbage. Thumbs down.

  2. Fake news again this has nothing about Jews when did he mention dews because your a Jew you can't be criticised get a grip solus what ever he is called admits in a interview he helped the nazis round up dews for them to servive so he helped kill his own people for his own agenda Alex's strikes have all been removed because of fake news don't see you making a video apologising for your fake news

  3. Supposedly anti-Semetic Alex Jones supports Israel, and The Young Communists are supposedly fine with Jews but hate Israel and support Palastine, which 1) hates Jews and 2) celebrated the 911 attacks on NYC. Yeah…right. Time to Red Pill you stupid Leftist viewers. Here's a quick hint, Statists/Globalists are using the Left to do their footsoldiery and getting them to betray their values in the process, values like respect for free speech, equality for women and for gays and trans. Do you think the forced invation from Muslim "refugees" is a Leftist concern? Most are not from war torn areas, AND they, to a grossly disproportionate degree, quash free speech, rape women en mass, and agree with hanging gays and trans from cranes. WHY import them? Is it compassion? Compassion for who, the women and gays? Of course not. It's for the same reason they want open boarders and no ID to vote. It's a Statist/Globalist push, not a Leftist push. It's for VOTES. IT'S SO THEY CAN HAVE COMPLETE POWER OVER YOU AND YOUR LIFE.

  4. Let me get this strait… So Cenk on a channel named after a racist organization that killed over a million Armenians is mad about another man that pointed out that Soros was a Nazi collaborator…

  5. Alex Jones, unlike TYT, is a national treasure. Sure he overexaturates things and he pluggs his merch everywhere, but unerlying everything this duded main point and idea is right. Only because he hates Soros doesnt mean he hates jews. In fact what he is saying is that rich jewish families helped Nazis. All this shows is that TYT dont know shit.

    BTW, not to mention TYT are Armenian genocide deniers.

  6. Soros admitted to confiscating property from jews openly in an interview, said it didn't bother him at all. It is on youtube, they can go watch it jackass. Your going to lose even the dumbest of your audience if you lie this obviously.

  7. Amazing. Tyt just took the facts and flipped it. Not too hard for this lie. When someone says what you are doing wrong you just say "No, I didn't." As soon as I watched this I knew TYT was taking money from Jews. Quick google search Jeffrey Katzenberg. Hint: Its the Germanic surname. Everything Cenk syz is bunk in this video is actually fact. Btw, Its not "the Jews" so much as "the satanists." Not all Jews are liars on behalf of their group, but quite a few are. Historically and I suspect today quite a few Jews became satanists. Satanism combined with midwit high iq equals lust for power so satanists are overrepresented in leadership. Non jews of course could become Satanists, too. The only correct antidote to this is Jesus Christ.


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