Stephen plays another old clip from ‘Brain Fight with Tuck Buckford’ to show Alex Jones that they aren’t so different from one another. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE:…



  1. I used to watch American Shows for their fun but now it has just turned into political shit every night.. most of it is Republican bashing.
    What is this.. is all of Hollywood bought by Democrats?
    Can the rest of the world get some unbiased/politics free entertainment?!!

  2. Alex Jones just exaggerates what he is talking about.. in an entertaining and sometimes weird manner.

    I'm not even an American and I get what both Alex Jones and Stephen Colbert are trying to say, while supporting their own ideology.
    If you guys don't get its your fault.

    Also, Stephen Colbert is portraying Alex Jones doing occasional marijuana like he is an unstable Heroin or Cocain addict… But if Snoop Dogg smokes pot 24*7 it is no problem. Hypocrites.. This is biased shit..
    I used to watch American Shows for their fun, but now it has just turned into political shit every night.

  3. I like how him and his lawyers said he plays a character and there are still some right wing nut jobs in the comment section believing in that cartoon character Alex Jones.. Brain Washed much?

  4. I love when Alex jones viewers call people sheeple but believe every conspiracy ever like think for yourselves i believe certain conspiracy theorys but not like the earth is flat like wtf is that

  5. Remember when Colbert used to be funny before he started getting George Soros Money to be so political all the time and attack truth tellers like Alex Jones? The old special reporter from the daily show with Craig Kilborn has completely sold himself out to the establishment, so sad. Just like the rise and fall of Jim Carey

  6. Oh he did you good, the father of your father were good too. Oh don't forget, no forget it instead…. make sure ur kids forget the father's of ur father's also like the milk

  7. OMG Stephen Colbert you MUST CONTINUE BRAIN WARS!!! Loved IT. Alex Jones IS an actual threat. He radicalized ANDREW ANGLIN, the founder of Daily Stormer Neo Nazi website. He instigates ACTUAL MURDERS calling on his army of trolls. The Daily Stormer is named after the Nazi propaganda hate rag Der Sturmer. The mass shooting at the church in Charlotte, nine dead, because Anglin tells his army to take action. Two black men in NYC, one of the trolls traveling several states to kill two random guys he didn't even know. A campaign of terror waged against a Jewish woman and her family for well over a year. Death threats from a lot of trolls, e-mail, texts, The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks hate groups. Andrew Anglin is on the top of the list. If you support civil rights and don't know who he is, look him up on Wikipedia and The Southern Poverty Law Center. "Our Glorious Leader has ascended to GOD EMPEROR" Andrew Anglin on Trump. He said FINALLY someone who THINKS LIKE THEM. I find it ironic, beyond ironic, stupefying, that THESE same White Supremacists who want to protect Israel at all costs chant Jews will not replace us. Oh I think I'm starting to get it- they ALSO profess to represent GOD as Christians. Perhaps they want to claim Israel for the Aryan race. I'm white and have a partner of 33 years. His parents were born in Mexico. SO, of COURSE I've betrayed my race, race mixer, so they REALLY hate that. White women who don't give birth to a minimum of 2.8 babies (according to Anglin) are a worthless drain on society. He said Heather Heyer, run down at Charlottesville, was a worthless drain on society because she was childless and in her 30's. HOW can ANY WOMAN subjugate herself like that? I guess since being a cancer survivor of 30 years, unable to have children that I'm a worthless drain on society, too, although I do have one child. I've known several members of The Aryan Brotherhood over the course of 40 years or so. A high school friend married a guy who went to prison for aggravated assault. He came out Aryan Brotherhood. There were problems. He ended up dead at 22 beaten to death by six cops. His friends died in a gunfight inside a house. Gunfights in the street. Oh yeah, they lived two houses down. Shootout with the Nuestra Familia over PCP. A couple of days later, the two gangs were hanging out. We moved. Most recently it was the son of a neighbor. Lots of things coming up missing for years. He was a punk. The gangsters I've known are usually cowards when they are alone. That first guy that died in jail, Fresno County jail holding cell, he was dangerous on his own. MORE dangerous when on crystal meth smoking PCP. The neighbor's son ended up getting busted for stealing two credit cards from a 35 year old autistic man. He rented a taxi and storage space with the cards using his own name. He was already on parole for the second time when he got busted. Mail theft is a serious crime. I don't think he's going to be out for a long time.


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