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  1. Bernie was a paid shill to clear the way for Hillary, take a pay off, and then support her. she was such a bad candidate, they needed Bernie to drag in the moronic generation x and millennial crowds.

  2. I remember when that slave colony on Mars comment was made by a guest on his show. Alex didn't blink and kept going as if he didn't want to encourage him. However to play devil's advocate he didn't even address it and that was probably interpreted by the media as agreement

  3. Alex the liar! Those files HAD to be released Friday!! The Congress set that day as the very last day they had to be released decades ago! What a freakin lie by Stone and Alex to made it look like Stone had begged Trump to release them! If Trump would have tried to STOP them from automatically being realeased then he would have had to answer to the American people. You are all being lied to by Alex!!!!

  4. All these guys do is talk about themselves and how smart and great they are, then try to sell you their shit, questionable "supplements",  books,  t-shirts,  you name it and it's for sale.  It's so transparent. We're all being worked.

  5. I like listening to you Alex. You crack me up actually. And I hope Trumps in power until 2024 just so I could watch y'all and read Drudge Report for 7 years 😂! But, here's the thing Alex. Hillary is old news. And she's not president Alex. She's not running for president. I don't care what she's doing or not doing why do you? It's kinda weird of y'all. And hey. I'm a Texan. I'm a 5 generation Texan on my daddy's side. My family helped win the Texas Republic fight alongside Sam Houston! Did yours Alex? Thanx for making me smile though–I appreciate it 😂

  6. Alex is an entertainer. 90% of the time it can be argued he said this or that, with varying percentage of accuracy. They do blatantly lie about Alex. He's a tough guy to learn this stuff and not hang himself. I appreciate the service Alex does for humanity. He has a possible paradigm too. Fallen angels advisng the Elite, who then poison our lives in various ways. Pie is right aboul Alex's humor. He does have a weak spot feeling stupid, so cant take a helpful criticism. When Pie lays into Alex, Alex always runs to the one time he was right and Pie was wrong. Alex could end that by stopping his rants. Not likely. O


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