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  1. Mayer also sheds some useful light on the co-conspirators who helped the Kochs build a movement that spread far beyond electoral politics. Richard Mellon Scaife, heir to the Mellon banking fortune and to much of the wealth of Gulf Oil, was the financial presence behind the Heritage Foundation. John M. Olin, whose family chemical corporation was a major beneficiary of federal weapons procurement, focused on the creation of faculty positions for conservatives at prestigious university campuses. The Bradley brothers, Harry and Lynde, used proceeds from the merger of their family electronics firm with Rockwell International to underwrite a whole array of publishing and research ventures.

    But the main goal was to win elections, and in that crusade the Kochs and their allies had the benefit of federal laws that they played no part in promulgating. One was the section of the Internal Revenue Code that allows for 501(c)(4) organizations, ostensibly devoted to “social welfare” but permitted to engage in electoral politics in an essentially unregulated way. A 501(c)(4) is not required to disclose the sources of its funding, and that provision alone has brought in huge amounts of money from donors eager to contribute but reluctant to identify themselves. The 501(c)(4) loophole has been around since the early 20th century, but it was given new vigor in 2010 by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which removed virtually all limits on corporate campaign funding and fostered its anonymity.

    What were all these organizations and donors promoting, other than the election of Republican candidates to office? Free-market orthodoxy, to start with. “Market principles have changed my life,” Charles Koch declared in the 1990s, “and guide everything I do.” That seems as true in 2016 as it was when he said it. Closely related to free-market faith is the hatred of regulation, federal, state or local. “We should not cave in the moment a regulator sets foot on our doorstep,” Charles once wrote. “Do not cooperate voluntarily; instead, resist wherever and to whatever extent you legally can.”

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    This ideology helps to explain one of the most important Koch crusades of recent years: the fight to prevent action against climate change. The Koch-sponsored advocacy group Americans for Prosperity has been at the forefront of climate-change opposition over the past decade. When the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2011, Americans for Prosperity lobbied lawmakers to support a “no climate tax” pledge, and by the time Congress convened that year, 156 House and Senate members had signed on.

    As ferocious as they have been in defense of free-market ideas, the Koch brothers are also acting out of tangible self-interest, Mayer argues. The Kochs made their money in the carbon business; they have diversified far beyond it over the years, but a stiff tax on carbon could have a significant impact on their bottom line. Mayer reports that an E.P.A. database identified Koch Industries in 2012 as the single biggest producer of toxic waste in the United States. The company has been in and out of federal court over the years as defendants in cases alleging careless and sometimes lethal flouting of clean-air and clear-water re

  2. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.  MATTHEW 24:24


    TRUMP IS BEING UNDERWRITTEN BY EXXON MOBIL AND THE KOCK BROS (It was founded as Wood River Oil and Refining Company in 1940, and later as Rock Island Oil & Refining Company).  ALSO, THE CONNECTION WITH THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.



    ‘Dark Money,’ by Jane Mayer
    By ALAN EHRENHALTJAN. 19, 2016

    CreditMike McQuade 
    Nineteen eighty was a year of hope for conservatives in America, but it was a hope diminished by decades of consistent failure at the grass roots. Republicans hadn’t controlled either chamber of Congress, or a majority in state legislatures, for a quarter-century. Most governors were Democrats, as had been true since 1970. Not only was the Republican Party overmatched at winning elections, but those with the strongest ideological convictions — “movement conservatives,” as they liked to call themselves — were a faint voice even within Republican ranks.

    But at the end of that year two things happened. One, as we all know, was the election of Ronald Reagan as president. The other was an utterly private event whose significance would not be noticed for years. Charles and David Koch, the enormously rich proprietors of an oil company based in Kansas, decided that they would spend huge amounts of money to elect conservatives at all levels of American government. David Koch ran for vice president on the Libertarian ticket in 1980, but when the campaign was over, he resolved never to seek public office again. That wouldn’t be necessary, he and his brother concluded; they could invest in the campaigns of others, and essentially buy their way to political power.

    Thirty years later, the midterm elections of 2010 ushered in the political system that the Kochs had spent so many years plotting to bring about. After the voting that year, Republicans dominated state legislatures; they controlled a clear majority of the governorships; they had taken one chamber of Congress and were on their way to winning the other. Perhaps most important, a good many of the Republicans who had won these offices were not middle-of-the-road pragmatists. They were antigovernment libertarians of the Kochs’ own political stripe. The brothers had spent or raised hundreds of millions of dollars to create majorities in their image. They had succeeded. And not merely at the polls: They had helped to finance and organize an interlocking network of think tanks, academic programs and news media outlets that far exceeded anything the liberal opposition could put together.

    Jane Mayer CreditStephen Voss 
    It is this conservative ascendancy that Jane Mayer chronicles in “Dark Money.” The book is written in straightforward and largely unemotional prose, but it reads as if conceived in quiet anger. Mayer believes that the Koch brothers and a small number of allied plutocrats have essentially hijacked American democracy, using their money not just to compete with their political adversaries, but to drown them out.

    A staff writer for The New Yorker, ­Mayer spent five years working on “Dark Money,” which originated with an article on the Koch family she published in the magazine in 2010. Neither Charles nor David Koch agreed to talk to her, and several of the most important figures in their political network were unavailable. But she reached hundreds of sources who did want to talk: longtime conservative campaign operatives, business associates, political opponents and political finance scholars. Some of these sources spoke on the record and some did not, but all in all “Dark Money” emerges as an impressively reported and well-documented work.

    A great deal has already been written about the Koch brothers and the money their network has invested in American politics. The importance of “Dark Money” does not flow from any explosive new revelation, but from its scope and perspective. Mayer writes of the early lives of the key players, the origin of their fortunes, their personal obsessions and quirks, and the role the operation was able to carve out. It is not easy to uncover the inner workings of an essentially secretive political establishment. Mayer has come as close to doing it as anyone is likely to come anytime soon.

    What the Kochs and their allies have created, in her view, is a private political bank capable of bestowing unlimited amounts of money on favored candidates, and doing it with virtually no disclosure of its source. They have established a Republican Party in which donors, not elected officials, are in charge. In 2011, when House Speaker John Boehner was desperate for Republican votes to prevent the government from defaulting on its debt, he went to see David Koch in Manhattan to plead for help. “It had taken years,” Mayer writes, but the brothers “were becoming a rival center of power to the Republican establishment.”

    “Dark Money” relates the personal story of the Koch family in considerable detail — an engineer father who made a fortune building oil refineries, then spent the last years of his life as an angry member of the John Birch Society; an early conversion by Charles and David Koch to the radical libertarian economics of Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig von Mises; a web of sibling rivalry among all four of the family’s brothers, ending in painful legal confrontations that dragged on for years.

  3. Why the F is no one talking about HAARP? They have the capability to both fuel and dissipate storm systems. Are they super charging these storms? Why aren't we demanding they use HAARP against disasters? Because of Agenda 21? Because the. NWO stands to gain power and wealth through manufactured devastation and chaos. Here comes FEMA camps, martial law and more excuses to take away civil rights and liberty in the name of crisis management. Remember 9-11. Press the people w fear, crisis and chaos and they will beg u to take away their rights…create massive crises and then u get to come in w massive solutions, u get to modify law and civil liberties in the name of crisis management. Just watch.

  4. Animal fats are essential to human health. Meat that has been depleted of fat will provide no energy and result in eventual starvation. Eating meat from animals that have been starved will provide no sustenance. Injecting artificial fats such as Margarine and Crisco into Bill Gate's meat will result in death. Cholesterol mythology and Statin drugs are fatal constructs.

  5. The word "Vaccination" refers to la Vache "of the cow" which is where the original Smallpox vaccine was derived which was a Cowpox, not a Smallpox, inoculation. Currently, the actual diseases are injected, rather than benign substitutes, such as was administered by the originator, Edward Jenner to defeat the Smallpox epidemics. Rappaport should point this out.

  6. Good grief, someone puts a note on your mom's car and your mom laughs and you act like it's national news?? Put your big boys pants on and get over it. Then Alex calls your exgirlfriend a Soros funded leftist? LOL.

  7. What we are seeing taking place right now is the 'roll-out' of the Mark of the Beast system, as described in the Book of Revelation. What happened with the Nazis and Hitler in WW2 was just a 'trial run'; this is THE REAL DEAL. Hitler is dead, but the 'Satanic intelligence' that inspired Hitler and led him to do what he did continues. The globalists are the ones orchestrating the roll-out, but they take their orders from Satan himself. This is number one a spiritual battle, and if we fail to recognize who the REAL ENEMY is, then we have no way of defeating him. The ONLY way to defeat Satan is with the power of God, and the only way to receive God's power is through Jesus Christ. We are seeing exactly the same 'formula' being used as was used in Nazi Germany, with a certain group of people being demonized and excluded from the means to conduct business. They have the RFID chips for identification, and the FEMA 'concentration camps' are ready for the mass extermination of Christians and those who will not worship the Antichrist. They are doing their best to create civil war in America and in Europe, because they need CHAOS before they can have their New World Order. That is Satan's plan, but God also has a plan; a plan to save as many people from hell as possible. I believe God is going to STOP Satan and his minions from executing their plan for world domination, until His 'end-time harvest' of souls is brought into His kingdom. Satan and his 'crew' are just going to have to WAIT until God is ready, before they get their 'New World Dis-order'. Those who reject God's love and mercy will then have to go through the worst time this world has ever seen – the Great Tribulation. I believe those who have accepted Jesus will be RESCUED or 'raptured' out of this world before HELL ON EARTH begins. That is when God's judgment will be poured out on the wicked, and there will be NOWHERE TO HIDE. JESUS is the ONLY way to escape that judgment. He is ready to forgive ALL who come to Him in repentance, who recognize that they are sinners in need of His forgiveness. That is THE GOOD NEWS.

  8. The guest speaker spoke about IBM providing the weather forecast for the Normandy landings to both sides of the WW11. The" neutral" Irish Coat Guard (Blacksod Bay Co. Mayo) provided the weather forecast that delayed the D -Day Normandy landing by one day, they British admiralty telephoned twice to confirm it.

  9. Thanks Ron .. It is a pitty that serious people with a working brain do not comment often here with good content. It has become a troll based channel to spread nonsensical poison. I sympathsise with you RON if you feel disappointed if you read your comments regularly. Many real people appreciate your never-ending efforts to post these videos and I'm one of them that appreciate and defend !

  10. "What tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive."  [Quotes Mistakenly Attributed to Shakespeare Oh what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott (1808)]  Still fitting for the Clintons.

  11. While I think that Alex Jones is usually pretty correct, the news is from whistle blowers after all, I think the best you can say about his World War Two knowledge is that he's been taken in by the con.

    Maybe I should bring out a new t shirt, WW2 is fake news.


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