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  1. I click forward through 3 hours of this Jones self love fest every time he opens his fat mouth and interrupts his guests in around 15 minutes. I at least get some information that isn't preceded by " I told you first, we told you first, my high level contacts told me 20 years ago ( whom he can never mention ), they hate me, they're after me " blah, blah, blah. What a fraud.

  2. It would believe in Christianity but when I was about eight years old they turned me away said I was I wouldn't keep up in school Christianity supposed to help people made it help me out so I turned away from it



    Dollar steady on improved risk appetite, short-covering helps 
    Inflation data seen key risk for FX markets this week.
    The dollar index rose 0.60 percent on Monday, its largest gain this month, as receding worries about North Korea and Hurricane Irma helped lift investor risk sentiment.
    Published 8:45 PM ET Mon, 11 Sept 2017  Updated 2:27 PM ET Tue, 12 Sept 2017

    Dan Kitwood | Getty Images 
    The U.S. dollar on Tuesday clung to the previous day's gains, supported by a bounce in Treasury yields and ahead of U.S. inflation data that could influence the timing of the next Federal Reserve interest rate increase.

    The greenback also found support as investors further unwound bearish bets against it. The dollar index, which tracks the currency against a basket of six major rivals, was up 0.02 percent at 91.86, after rising as high as 92.08.

    The index rose 0.60 percent on Monday, its largest gain this month, as receding worries about North Korea and Hurricane Irma helped lift investor risk sentiment.

    "Interest rates are certainly supportive of the dollar," said Erik Nelson, currency strategist at Wells Fargo Securities in New York.

    U.S. long-dated Treasury yields reached two-week highs, rising for a third straight session amid a respite in geopolitical tensions in North Korea, with investors bracing for a 10-year note auction later in the session.

    Short covering may have helped dollar notch gains against other major currencies, Nelson said.

    An increasingly uncertain outlook for U.S. monetary policy and fiscal policy has taken a toll on the greenback this year, according to analysts.

    Speculators have responded by boosting positions against the dollar to record levels in recent months.

    Investor focus now turns to U.S. inflation data due on Thursday. The data is unlikely to show a significant pick-up in price pressures, with the August inflation reading forecast at 1.6 percent on an annual basis versus 1.7 percent in July. The Fed has a 2 percent inflation target.

    "The U.S. inflation data is a big risk for the markets and given the extreme short dollar positioning in the market, the greenback may jump higher if inflation surprises on the upside," said Caxton FX analyst Alexandra Russell-Oliver.

    Wells Fargo's Nelson said, however, said that, over time, there is still room for that positioning to get more short.

    On Tuesday, the index pared gains slightly after the Labor Department said that job openings, a measure of labor demand, were little changed at 6.2 million in July.

    Sterling rose against both the dollar and euro after UK inflation hit its highest in five years, adding to the case for the Bank of England to do more to support the pound.

    The euro was up 0.13 percent against the dollar at $1.1967.

  4. Same Old Shit WITH PRES TRUMP

    Russian Satellite Photos Prove US–ISIS Collusion in Syria
    Russia has gone full throttle as far as war propaganda against the Pentagon. The MoD just released a collection of satellite images showing a number of Humvees and Cougars reoccupying ISIS camps after the latter “left” without a firefight.

     Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (2) Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (3)
     Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (4) Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (5) Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (6)
     Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (7) Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (8)
     Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (9) Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (10) Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (11) Russian sat photos re US Humvees in ISIS camp (12)
    “The aerial photographs, taken on September 8-12, 2017 in the areas of Daesh troops’ deployment, detected a big number of US Hummer armored vehicles, used by the US Army’s special forces,” the ministry wrote on Facebook.

    The Defense ministry added that the footage clearly showed that the units of US Army’s special forces were deployed in the footholds previously set up by Daesh militants. However, no signs of ongoing clashes with terrorists, as well as shell craters left after the coalition’s airstrikes were seen.

    “Despite the strongholds of the US armed forces being located where Daesh militants are currently deployed, there are not even signs of the organization of a battle outpost. This shows that all the US servicemen who are currently there, feel completely safe in the areas under the terrorists control,” the ministry outlined.

  5. It seems nobody else besides myself notices TAN LINES FROM WEARING SUNGLASSES lol That much sun can not be good for you, a wild human would actually have the sense to avoid the sun, instead, foraging in the forest picking berries, peeling tree bark and digging roots to eat. Roger, get some sun around your eyes, sunglasses tan lines look funny.

  6. 51:00 Trump and his "diet coke". Aspartame! Artificial sweetener causes headaches, plus the soda causes insulin spike which is harmful to pancreas. Other bad effects as well.
    PLEASE someone PASS-ON info to Trump.

  7. An ambiguous statement about dead cops is taken to mean the teacher wants dead cops instead of taking it the other way, that he knows there will be dead cops in his class, how dead cops are good and it is a privilege to teach them. This reveals Jones' prejudice. The recent hurricanes show a self-centred inconsideration, when talking to his correspondents.

  8. There is section of scripture written by St. Paul to the Thessalonians that mentions God will basically warp the minds of "unbelievers" into this realm of inverted rationality that we "believers" cannot understand. These unbelievers will in fact reveal their apostasy and treason with their babbling delusions. For example, that pro-inoculation "female" professor mocking and targeting "refusers" and many other wacked-out "authorities", are most likely atheists. (Second Thessalonians, Chapter 2, Verses 5 to 12,)

  9. Alex and Paul seem to think it is fine for a man to be fired because he makes statements they disagree with while they make fun of his appearance, as they have with so many other people. At least the man in question has the nerve to say what he thinks no matter how deluded he may seem to the intellectually grounded individuals watching this program. On the Tucker Carlson Show he does not seem as irrational as Tucker, PJW and Jones make out. There is a tremendous amount of hyperbole with the statements that Jones makes about various issues that are often moderated or contradicted in the actual source articles or un-edited clips he is honest enough to provide on his website. So, as they say, do your own cross research as much as reasonably possible

  10. Alex, could you please talk about something besides the Russians, the election and trump. The metaphysics/Stanley Kubrick info/secret space programs and self-help/ you talk about sometimes, is fascinating… You should talk more about these subjects.

  11. Alex I love your honesty! I watch your show every day. If you and Dr. Corsi can get ahold of Trump, now would be the time to do it. Jeff Sessions needs to go, he obviously is Not tough enough to take on Hillary, Comey, Obama, Lynch, Rice, Wasserman-Schultz, Mueller, Soros, etc. Trump needs to perform a "surprise" raid at 3a.m. to arrest All of them at the same exact time, and confiscate any evidence in their homes and offices, so they can't warn each other and have the chance to destroy evidence! The American people are sick and tired of justice Never being served to these traitors! Trump also needs to fire the generals who are trying to control him, and are working against him! Drain the Swamp! Every Obama, Bush, and Clinton "hold over" needs to be fired.
    P. S. Alex please don't talk over your guests.

  12. That woman at the end, it is because the immigrants are not knowledgeable about what is going on here yet…they believe that the health system is caring and doing what is in their best interest…this is sad and i feel bad for those that are not knowledgeable about the evil wick agencies that are here.

  13. Dreamers and DACA…Perhaps all American children should pay the price for their parents breaking the Law…Because surely American Parents do not take responsibility for their children's illegal behavior…breaking the law is breaking the Law right Alex…You are becoming more and more like the regular media….biased…instead of what's right…

  14. Morgan Freeman. One more reason why we all need to give the big MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE to Hollywood and all that it stands for!!!! Man, these people are DESPERATE, and even he has just given one of the worst 'performances' of his life. He is doing his best to put on a good act, but he looks like he is 'squirming' through that. They are at the end of their rope, and they know it. The whole thing REEKS OF DEATH, and I want to see a big ol' FUNERAL PYRE for that stinking corpse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. This goes beyond and is much deeper than an election, Government, Political parties, left/right, etc., this is all Human made dribble and distraction.This is the silent war that all other wars disguise so that it is not seen or heard. The war between Good and Evil is old and is real.

  16. Alex is right. It is time to go after these bastards. Every single one of them. There is NO WAY they are removing President Trump from office. I don't know how bad or dirty this is going to get, but they are not going to overturn the will of the American people. Just like when you are refining gold, all of the 'dross' comes to the surface, and then you skim it off and discard it. Things are getting REALLY HOT, and it is bringing all of THE SCUM out into the open where we can see them. All the better, it makes it so much easier to see who needs to get THROWN IN THE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Alex: You interrupt Cernovich even more than most of your guests. I guess you just have no respect for him. If he's such a bore that you can't allow him to finish a sentence, why do you have him on at all?

  18. Jones is not an intelligent person. Look at his low brow. The guy is not smart at all. Because he can't keep his mouth shut when a guest talks. Jones should just be like the iew and be all talk and no action. All the talk and no action talk shows are just preoccupying you with nonsense but not focusing on Barbara Olson, 9/11, and the thing is jones hasn't gotten one person indicted for any of the false flags. Jones says all these people are voting fraudulently, but nothing happens, but a Mexican woman said on TV that she voted twice and they threw her in jail.

  19. Jones, a T shirt that said, Trump, I don't want to hurt the Clintons. They're good people and Jeffrey Epstein likes young underage girls. Jeffrey likes his social life. I'm friends with Bill Clinton. I like him. Or After Larry Silverstein took out the trade towers. Trump, Larry Silverstein. I'm friends with him. He's a great guy after he killed 3,000 people and did tens of billions in damage.

  20. Did you hear trump's speech, Alex Jones?Anti north Corea, Iran, Syria , AfghanistanPro Saudi ArabiaYou are a fraud , Alex Jones supporting this lying president, who claimed to want to stop the United States to mingle in any conflict in the world and who now is willing todo exactly what the globalist plan was after all. Look at the list of countries that general Clark gave!

  21. The Mars family are worth over 70 billion and are a top Illuminati bloodline in the United States that own one of the largest candy companies in the world. John Franklyn Mars was knighted by the House of Windsor and serves the British Crown. They add slow acting poisons into their candy as a form of chemical warfare on society also known as alchemy. They oppress humanity so that it is easier to control society. They use their large amount of wealth to conceal illegal transactions used for funding Nazi style persecution carried out by secret societies. The modernized concept of Halloween and Trick-or-treating was established in 1911 the same year that the Mars candy company was established. The Mars family were the Candia family of Venice which ruled the Kingdom of Candia located on the island of Crete during the height of the Venetian Republic. The Venetians were merchants involved with the sugar trade. The Italian word for candy is candito. The ancient mystery schools covertly taught witchcraft and alchemy and these schools have been maintained on the islands of Crete, Malta, and Rhodes to this day. The Candia family were also connected with the House of Savoy. The Mars family still work with the Savoy family today and are involved with Swiss money laundering and making illegal transactions that fund secret societies. Members of the Mars crime family include John Franklyn Mars, Victoria Mars, Jacqueline Mars, and Stephen Badger. The Mars family are like royalty in the United States and pure evil.

  22. Really want to know what these NWO Evil ones are doing ? They are after the Rh Negatives especial the Rh Negative O Negative, actual Noah's Blood and not just of the Bloodline. My DNA is different also, a three stranded cord. The contaminated/unclean bloods made it onto the Ark because the sons needed wives. They want my seed/bloodline wiped out (They hate on Us more than you Positives actually)…We are also targeted…We are here for a suppose and would seem that They are knowing this also but They hide all of this from the general public…the Blood is everything ! it is that important, even in our Bible. This is the first site that i have found like this, that others are talking, the one which is most interesting here is the hospital worker, some kind of nurse. This needs to get out into the general public and opened up to the World. i do not say this to be mean or high uppity but We are here for you all. God in Heaven, the one Creator, who's name is Yah and not Jah…this is another part of the untold/hidden story. Oh well, anyways, i will put this here and take a listen…Infowars, need to look into this, the man Rappaport, think that is his name. Another thing, i think that Trump may carry The Blood and DNA. This for true is a battle between Evil and Good. We need set loose on the World, so to say and in a very Good way. Know this, that once the people know and are with Us, there would be no stopping Us, this World will, would be different and come alive. i talk to much (others watch) but this excites me and it is time.

  23. Side note: I did go blind, apparently, from diet drinks, that's no lie. Fortunately, medical science can cure blindness if it's caught early enough. Fortunately for me, thank Goodness !!!

  24. The President can't play at what he does best any longer, according to Kelly, and let's play hide the fact (seek) and see how long Trump lasts as President.

    As for Aspartame, I am, unfortunately, one of the products of it's poison, panic attacks, depression, nerve damage, fortunately, I was accidently told about this effects 10 years ago, gave it up, panic attacks went away, however, possible irreversible nerve damage still persists. Don't Drink Sodas, none of them, Don't eat MSG laced foods, Don't use none natural sweetners, in fact, it would be best to use no sugar added to foods at all, foods are naturally sweet in themselves. Most all processed foods have sugar added to them, enormously so. BEWARE of what you eat, if it's GMO'd to the max, only eat ORGANICLY GROWN foods, believe me, I know what I say. Right now, I am no longer in pain, all arthritis, bursitis, back pain has substantially been eliminated or reduced, significantly. Thank Goodness!


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