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  1. Jesus we,re paying these Dreamer,s Social Security and we wonder why we have no Fucking money for citizens or veterans!!!Yes they really say that migrant,e help our economy,I think a citizen with a job help our economy better than an Illegal WTF!!!

  2. TED IS Right' So what do you call' a an individual, or group of individuals, that live of of the population?
    Just 2 Main Descriptive' Words Come To Mind, Parasites or Saprophytes. So then the answer is very simpl, remove them Them All From The Tit.


  4. I can't believe you would let the last guest on your show with a name like that!!! What are you thinking? I have spend thousands $$$$ on your products in the past but now it's time to go else where!!! Thanks but NO Thanks!!!

  5. I had another vision and I heard a voice then said This will be the first nuke to start WW3! I saw a nuke zeroed in on a bridge in Tokyo Japan. It will be North Korea and China. I saw JESUS face to face over 12 yrs ago and he showed me a mushroom cloud!!! I looked at JESUS and felt the sorrow, sadness then I asked him a question. JESUS assured me with his answer as he gently looked at me. JESUS said I have a message " LOVE AND BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER." TRUST IN JESUS CHRIST cause JESUS IS COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. You know when a child just moans and cries crocodile tears because they didn't get something they wanted, or something didn't go the way they expected it to, and then half an hour later they are still trying to keep it going, but have probably by then forgotten why they're even crying; that is what these monumental losers on the left are like. There is so much good happening around them, like people of all races and colours coming together to help one another after a massive catastrophe like Harvey, but all they can do is bitch and criticise and moan. Instead of celebrating the good, all they want to do is shout, "RACIST!" all day. People are getting SO SICK AND TIRED of listening to that shit!!!! These people are spoilt toddlers, sitting around in puddles of their own verbal excrement. It is time to just IGNORE them, and maybe, just maybe, after a while they might start to realize that NOBODY with a working brain is listening to them anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. WOW!!! Now that is what you call three STRONG and beautiful women!! The sick and twisted dirtbags who call themselves 'liberals' would have us believe that for a woman to be strong she has to strut about and not care about anything except her own happiness and fulfilment, but these LADIES are showing us that REAL strength comes from caring about others, and being willing to get 'down and dirty' and to help lift others out of the hole that they're in. They are a true INSPIRATION, and I hope that young girls in America and the world will begin to look to them for inspiration instead of fake, empty 'trash queens' like Beyonce, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus!!!

  8. FINALLY someone states the motive behind open borders – WORLD GOVERNMENT BY TECHNOCRAT RULE. Tucker Carlson laid it all out on Tuesday [VIDEO]…Carlson on DACA: Borders, Citizenship, Rule of Written Law Abandoned ‘in Favor of the Worldwide Rule By Unaccountable Technocrats’

  9. All that is good in the world is under fire , how can we all deal with that as most people just won't put in the time to fight for their freedoms and goodness, and I'm not just talking about the Americans. How can I still be optimistic as to the outcome .This realy sounds like the end game on steroids.Although, I don't like to bring God into the equation , but in this instance I will say GOD please bless those that fight against EVIL . Amen !!!

  10. I've said it all along the greatest threat to the American citizen is it's own government , who have routinely assed laws that enable them to get and kee owers they were never intended to have

  11. Alex, you actually believe that junk about our "brains" giving us gut feelings? LOL! Look, you either had the dream because of a combination of what you've read and heard…or ole slew foot gave you that dream….OR God gave you that dream. Here's on question…Did you dream it in color? If it was of your own imaginings, it's normally in black and white. When God gives me a dream, it's always in color.

  12. Somebody asked me back in 1984 what I would like to do before I died…back in those days, we had sort of a bucket list, without formalizing it on paper.

    I said, "I want to visit the World Trade Center while it's still there!"
    The person that asked me that question, demanded…what do you mean, "while it's still there?"
    I said, "I don't know. I just have a feeling that it won't be there one day and I want to go see it while it's still there."

    Never did get to go see it, saw it the morning of the attacks on TV AS the attacks were going down. Nightmare.

  13. There is a video out that covers a report from "The Royals". Everyone should check it out. Ernest Rauthschild orders a cease and desist of all keepers. Notice the way Rauthschild is spelled, I have never seen it spelled this way.

  14. some bad shit is about to go down here soon the no will kill us all with fema camps and posion and false knowledge the real evil is among us
    kill the Muslims kill the nwo

  15. This is a quote from the 2015 movie Tomorrowland, an environmentally conscious movie, but the same can be said about all the nihilistic warmonggering going on.

    "In every moment there is the possibility of a better future, but you people won't believe it. And because you won't believe it, you won't do what is necessary to make it a reality! So you dwell on this terrible future, you resign yourselves to it. For one reason – because that future doesn't ask anything of you today. So, yes, you saw the iceberg, warned the Titanic, but you all just steered for it anyway, full steam ahead. Why? Because you want to sink. You gave up. That's not the monitor's fault. That's yours."

    And there will be no POST-apocalypse life that offers humanity a new beginning with a clean slate. If there is a nuclear war, it will mean extinction, for the whole human race and for the planet. No post anything, and don't count on God to do anything. If we destroy ourselves, God will leave us destroyed. God did not put all of his hopes and dreams into this one world and civilization. There are many other worlds in the galaxy just like this one, with human civilizations. Don't believe me?.. Look up at the night sky. See all those stars? Life like ours is not unique to just this small corner of the galaxy… Do you endtimers really believe that the Creator will reward you for destroying Creation? Of course He won't. God will not repair all the damage you caused, and create Heaven on Earth. If you destroy this world, or make it unihabitable, then it will remain that way.Your destroyed Earth will still serve a useful purpose. The destroyed Earth will be used as a warning to other worlds not to let their nihilistic warmongers dictate foreign policy, and some of those other world's are surely watching what unfolds here. Will they intervene to save us from ourselves so we can venture out into the galaxy, and reck everything, like what we did in Syria?.. Hell no. If we prove to be criminally insane, then our mental illness and disfunction should be confined to this small corner of the galaxy, and not spread outward.

    But what if we make it through this self-fulfilling End Times madness, and continue to advance forward? That is when there will be first contact between ourselves and the rest of humanity in the galaxy. Not outerspace freaks, but enlightened human people visiting with other enlightened human people from our world.

  16. For those who hate America and their Nike shoes, trendy $200 jeans, AND FREAKING I-PHONES (MADE IN CHINA WITH SLAVE LABOR & KILLING MOTHER EARTH WITH THEIR DIRT MANUFACTURING) … YOU HATE AMERICA AND CAPITALISM……MOVE TO NORTH KOREA YOU HIPOS. See what you get in a totalitarian dictatorship….not a free representative republic…Then can back and bitch about your experience being a subject of North Korea. FOOLS.

  17. They are using weather weapons against the United States this government is so corrupt that are to be taken down and I hope you hear me and I hope you get my name and address


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