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  1. Christians in 2015 make up 75 percent of the population: BTW, 75 percent is a majority—not a minority of the population. Even Wikipedia, concludes that 62 percent of Americans are members of a particular congregation. That doesn't mean that perhaps they only show up in church for the Easter and Christmas Eve services, but that's another story. Meanwhile, the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church, USA still have crosses in their logos.

  2. Listen everyone. In Trump's lunch meeting with LaPierre of the NRA Trump told them that he was going to do this to deflect the heat off of them and onto Trump. This was done to preserve the NRA as an organization because it is more important and permanent than Trump. Notice how the NRA has not said a word about Trump's comments and nobody is attacking the NRA anymore. He is genius.

  3. @Harry Morgan Trump is a crook not a good businessman. Have you not figured that out yet. Everybody thought Madoff was a brilliant businessman too, until he was caught, Trump's day is coming.

  4. DC had the right to put in a reasonable scheme of Permits and Licensing and Heller would have to submit to that scheme. If you support the Constitution you also support the SCOTUS ruling. Gun Control has been a part of American Life since day 1. In Mass you could not have a loaded weapon in a house, in a barn or on a porch for a very good reason. They had no fire control and if it was left there it posed a threat to fire fighters. Read the decision.

  5. Heller v. DC, 1. While you have the right to keep and bear arms, you must qualify for the right. 2. In Heller DC had to establish a path to legal ownership and allow arms to be armed and loaded within the 4 walls of your home. 3. There is no 2nd Ammendment right outside your home its a privilege granted by the State. 4. The Congress can define what is weapons in common use and can limit types of weapons. 5. Congress through the commerce clause can decide what weapons are to be sold. Scalia said there is no absolute rights. Every right has caveats. The right of the public to be safe is a coequal right, to the 2nd Ammendment. Read the ruling

  6. There goes mouthy Alex once again, cutting off Pieczenik time & time again while he's talking important info. Funny how Jones didn't mind hearing all the gossip dirt on Hope Hicks, Jared Kushner & all of his up-coming legal issues , but cut off Pieczenik super quick when he started talking about the deep corruption behind Israel's Netanyaho & a possible future war to deflect away from his financial issues.

  7. I swear every time Alex has Steve Pieczenik on I get the best Intel and common sense thinking that I feel is so hard to get nowadays. Steve as I said before keep up the great work and thanks for keeping US in the loop on whats REALLY going on. Just spot on Sir.

  8. Hello my friend, I agree.
    I wish I could say more .
    Kind of busy, I have become a member of the 5 of the biggest militia groups in the U.S.
    I have talked their leaders into a conference call tonight.
    I intend to talk them into consolidating their forces into a larger army. Then, in turn bring in ALL the other militia under one banner to protect our kind against people who want to destroy all our kind.
    There are over 2100 militias in this country.
    With a total number of around 7,000,000 armed militia soldiers. I would say that is a good sized ARMY. With that large force behind US, we can guarantee them mutually assured destruction if they decide to hurt us.

  9. Diane Frankenstein was grinning when asked if She could write this take the guns first, then go to court. She was giddy as the day she was fighting to get "Mr. & Mrs. America TURN IN YOUR GUNS! I think Trump is still playing 10 level 3 -D Chess. Lets see what happens, kind of like the DACA Deal. MAGA!

  10. They want US off this planet, Earth! They can't do it, not without jeopardizing, themselves. They must get earthlings to do it, to themselves and other earthlings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they aren't humanoids, I don't really know exactly. Obviously, something's out there with bad intentions to US!

  11. When you have such a fantastic guest like you did at the end of the show with Joel Gilbert, Don't put them on Last! People do turn in to hear Alex, and sometimes don't have the time to invest for a 4 hour show. Much of what Alex says he's already said a million times, I actually tune in for the guests.

  12. Alex, whatever President Trump may be saying or doing, he has his reasons. He's too good a businessman to reveal his hand so that everyone can see.  What appears as distasteful to us in the short run will, in due course, be understood as part of a strategy. If he has to create a ruse, he will. The President's values haven't changed.


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