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  1. It's not the gun itself. It's the 5.56 they want to get rid of. When we go to a shooting war, they don't want US to be able to use THEIR ammo against THEM, when WE take it off THEIR dead.

  2. Wow, Mike Adams is on Fire! He is sharper and more confident broadcasting compared to 2014. Hopefully, Alex will include Mike Adams along with David Knight and the War Room.

  3. mccain is fine, he has trump supporting his gun control & now trump is calling for gun confiscation without due process. why has infowars been sitting on trump's gun confiscation plans for over a week?

  4. Excuse me but where is Paul Watson coming from? I’m tired of listening to him and his occasional speeded up vocals. When he and brother visited Alex ten years ago and did that cowboy rant, it was funny. Ever since, I just can’t listen to him….sorry

  5. Soy is BAD for everyone particularly if it isn't organic. Soy is processed with petrol you shouldn't want that in your body. Isn't it interesting soya is in baby formula…insane. Do not give your babies soya based formula.

  6. Your in classic form today Alex! I LOVE how you keep on going despite the evil onslaught they throw your way! The Left highly underestimates our resilience!! WE WILL OVERPOWER THE EVIL LEFT!! The Holy Spirit is gonna come & blow ALL these evil "things" outta here! We are ALL being tested beyond reason!(physically&mentally)! Jesus is coming! And I CAN'T WAIT!! GOD BLESS!!! 🙏💖🙏

  7. The secret to beating the AI takeover is to go low tech. Don't use Facebook or Twitter
    or smart phones with friends or family. Humans need personal one to one contact and
    avoid technology! The Illuminati wants everything tech for full control of finance & money,
    communication and transportation. Use low tech telephone calls! Read the Bible & real
    books because the internet will be censored by Google, Facebook & Twitter! Write letters
    to the President, Senators & Congress representatives & FTC to protect 1st & 2nd

    Concerned citizen and Retired Navy Officer Veteran Patriot

  8. The fake news media have nothing to throw off these investigations so they blame the right. They don't care if it is lies because that is all they have. Obamy and Hildabeast taught them well!

  9. I always thought those poor monkeys being used and tested like that. Now even with animal right programs it
    probably still happens. Alex you have been right about those chimeras too. These people are pure evil and want to think they are God's. Prayers to Alex and his family. God Bless and keep him safe.

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