The statements and accusations alleged by Ashley Beckford and Rob Jacobson and false, fabricated lies aimed to destroy the reputation of their former employer and illicitly make money. Help…



  1. Alex. why do you hurt us, Trumps base, by claiming, Trump is back peddeling on the 2. Amendment? Almost all conservative comentators on YouTube understand, that this "Back peddeling" is nothing more then playing the opposition. You are smart enough to understand this. So why your stupid claim of back peddeling? It looks like as if all the attacks on you have you back peddeling! Do you begin to worry about your lifes work, so you begin to back peddel out of your Trump support??

  2. Alex, I've been watching you for a long time. Trump has been disappointing lately. All I ask of you is to please not stick with Trump no matter what. Judge him by his behaviour and decisions, and not just by the fact that you are a "Trump supporter" . I have been a supporter as well, but I've always wondered how he got into office if indeed everything is controlled. And I've been scared he will turn at some point and be just another deep state politician. We rely on you for the truth, so I just ask that you don't defend him if indeed he isn't what he said he was. We will stick by you if you do find out he's a puppet and stop supporting him. We are the truth movement, no matter what that truth is. I just ask that you stay that way. I appreciate all the work you've done thus far. And i support you in the fight against censorship and against the media attacks on you

  3. No one that supports Alex or voted for Trump gives a crap about this stuff or any scandal targeting Alex.. Media is so untrustworthy and fake that no one believes them even the dems.. The Dem supporters are so brainwashed to hate Alex its crazy.. anyway this is a joke.. Media is all run and controled by the democratic party and globalist.

  4. I've been watching Alex before he got big and I don't believe these absurd allegations. I liked Ashely Beckfard at first but now it looks like she is using the Vagina and Race card to victimize herself. Dumb ass ruined a great oppurtunity.

  5. Alex, I'm disappointed in you. Why on earth did you have unprotected sex with a former ESCORT named Erika Wulff (aka Onya yoga teacher/ESCORT)? And you go and marry her! I don't know what to say. That's how the DEVIL grabs good people who dedicate their lives spreading the truth. He sends women to make them fall! I don't think she's a good woman, Alex, but I guess you'll have to go through another messy divorce before you finally learn your lesson!


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