1. sure that's the way they work, paint and taint everything and try to tempt you just like people have had whispering temptations into theirs ears forever and then Aha! We have got ya……You are one of us now or else we will go after your family! And yes they have murdered people too. I agree with David completely about the 'plants' in the lines of immigrants and the slick Irishman and the horrid woman in Sweden back in 2000………..yuck they would curdle your stomach. Look at how much worse it is now 2nd week of Nov. and it is all getting exposed. I am Irish and I want America to be Good again, I want Americans to Wake up and see how they are being used and abused. Yes we too are being used and abused by the EU cabal in europe.

  2. Glenwood Cemetery in Shelbyville, Illinois go put flowerrs on ms cochranes grave she invented the dishwasher in 1886 ! Biography[edit]
    Early life[edit]
    Cochrane was the daughter of John Garis, a civil engineer, and Irene Fitch Garis. She had one sister, Irene Garis Ransom.[2] Her maternal grandfather John Fitch was an inventor who was awarded a steamboat patent. She was raised in Valparaiso, Indiana, where she went to private school until the school burnt down.
    Marriage and children[edit]
    After moving in with her sister in Shelbyville, Illinois, she married William Cochran on October 13, 1858, who returned the year before from a disappointing try at the California Gold Rush, and went on to become a prosperous dry goods merchant and Democratic Partypolitician.[3][4]
    Hallie Cochran (birthdate – death) Hallie was the son of William and Josephine Cochran. He died at the age of two.
    Katharine Cochran (birthdate – death) Katharine Cochran was the daughter of William and Josephine Cochran.[5]
    In 1870 they moved into a mansion, and began throwing dinner parties using heirloom china allegedly dating from the 1600s. After one event, the servants carelessly chipped some of the dishes, causing her to search for a safer alternative.[6] She also wanted to relieve tired housewives from the duty of washing dishes after a meal.[7] She is said to have run through the streets screaming with blood in her eyes,"If nobody else is going to invent a dish washing machine, I'll do it myself!"
    Her alcoholic husband died in 1883 when she was 45 years old, leaving her with a pile of debts and only $1,535.59 in cash, which motivated her to go through with developing the dishwasher. She kept William's last name but added the "e" after his death.
    Her friends were very impressed with her invention and had her make dishwashing machines for them, calling them "Cochrane Dishwashers", later founding the Garis-Cochran Manufacturing Company.
    Death and recognition[edit]
    Josephine died of a stroke or exhaustion in Chicago, Illinois, on August 14, 1913, and was buried in Glenwood Cemetery in Shelbyville, Illinois.[8] In 2006 she was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.[9]

  3. who kept me warm. who tried to free me?……now who cared? and why. what is unity consciousness . what is soul? hurting me is not an option. do we allow them to steal what is mine? dear fluff I am done with camping

  4. Most informative video yet! When Jones and Icke get together its a complete flow of reality these guys are powerhouses! If i were an evil globalist I would make sure to have these guys on close watch and have "my" people make negative comments about them being sellouts, shills etc. if they were to be taken out it would arouse sooooo much suspicion so all they can do is try an muddy the water by having their hollywood people crawl over the media like bugs on shit. All they can do (they I mean the globalists and media owners is make them out to be crazy controlled opposition etc but the opposition is out of control they cannot control it and they are losing control by the hour! Everyday David and Alex are getting stronger because the God of Hosts is turning up the heat against the frozen wastes of power. Just like wax or ice melts before a flame so does the power of these evil people when they stand against men of God. David will see Jesus in this time to come and all of his research and findings will be in fact true. The only piece he cannot find is the corner stone. Jesus IS the corner stone and he will be the infinite light that David talks about that he will come to know intimately.

  5. This is what the first chapter of Genesis is all about .God n Satan is already at war .But God will fix the mess up by sacrificing His Son Jesus Christ to save us from all our sin n from Satan. There is no way out , except believing in JC n allow Him to direct your life instead by Satan n his devils.

  6. Alex, please stop interrupting guests. Let them speak in the limited time that they have. Don't go on a rant and repeat what your audience already knows. Give Mr. Icke the floor.

  7. You gotta see the interview that Podesta had on Fox Business News w/ Maria Santimaria. When he gets angry w/ her it TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE HE GREW FANGS. Check out the vid it's actually pretty freaky

  8. That James Alefantis is a freak. Alex doesn't want to touch that but from all I've seen and heard, this guy is really well connected in Washington. If that isn't a red flag, I don't know what is. I'd bet this creep is one of those providing kids to the high level pedos; just like that Jimmy Seville did in the UK.

  9. And now Mark Zuk from Facebook Fuk is being groomed to run for President and guess who he is being surrounded with? Obama's good old grooming team of course! Alex stop selling out and get some sleep please.

  10. Yikes David Icke appears like a reptilian in this video…..where does all his previous talk about one ness in the Universe etc fit in with his paranoia against young immigrants wanting a better deal for themselves than machine guns, chemical poisoning and death?

  11. All absolutely true. Hopefully many of you will get the 'instinct' that this is true. Do something soon before tapes like this will be banned by a police state. Love you both, hope you have watched What the Health.

  12. @6:40 20,30 ,50 ,100 year plans.
    Yes your right Alex, the so called 1st World War is still ongoing. Its a state of perpetual war. It started long before then. Do some research on the Highland Clearences moving White people off there land in England Scotland and Wales… Some of the clssified info of 70 years you can now go and look at. The London Museum is a good place to start. at the same time same thing was happening along the Rhine River indiginous white people where being forced off their land. Its been going on for centuries. Nothing new to report


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