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  1. Alex you sound like obannon ranting in Alabama we learned the consequence of trying to win with a minority albeit a fired up base is still numerically insufficient trump is not moving to the left he is moviong a little to the middle that is where 2018 will be won once he gets his super majority in the senate and the house full the mustangs will run wild best to hose down obannon my GOD to lose a senate seat in Alabama. Trump talking gun control sounds intelligent not betrayal most of those who fought in Vietnam were 19 if they want a gun let them join the military bump stocks are a cut off byproduct Trump wants to keep the steak and give them the baloney I think its all a 2018 jibe to dump some junk on the dems didn't he sell a rundown casino to a sucker once for an inflated price the art of the deal

  2. @16:00.. Really Alex? Is that why the invading forces killed the Native Americans? You sure it wasn't for land and natural resources as history has shown us till this day? You sure it was all legal intermarriage for both parties or was raping involved as history has also proved us. Justify colonizing.. Ok I think I got it

  3. If Trump needed his balls waxed, Alex would do it and then go on live and praise him for his leadership and smooth sack. Listen, I was all for Trump and supported him way before Alex did, when PJW was calling him a Hillary plant, but this is getting sicophantic.

  4. This is when I know you are real, when you dare to mention the fallen angels, the Nephlim who have been trying to recreate the earth in their image. This will be the ulitimate deception.


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