As Alex Jones faces a potential ban from YouTube for his hard-hitting reporting, a new threat named “Jordan Keppler” joins the establishment’s attack on the Infowars host. Watch full episodes…



  1. Even if you don't agree with what Alex says, he still has the right to say it…Just like Comedy Central. What Gives you the right to ban free speech…. sounds like Nazi Germany. What If I don't agree with what you say? should we ban everyone we don't like, instead of not choosing to now watch? YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM WHEN YOU DON'T STAND FOR FREEDOM. AND BY THE WAY, IT'S NO JOKE.

  2. Klepper does exactly what Alex Jones said he does. Bringing up "lizard people" something alex Jones never mentions, and perpetuating the lies told about info Wars by the msm. All you have to do, to understand that what the msm is saying about alex is all bs, is watch his show. He doesn't talk about lizard people, he never said the Parkland kids speaking out are crisis actors, and while he may not be perfect he is under incorrect attack. The truth is out there, instead of laughing at opposing viewpoints research all sides and determine the truth. Don't just eat up what you're being told, do some actual research. Don't believe everything Jones says, and don't believe everything comedians and the msm says.

  3. The Messiah is here, the returned Lord Jesus Christ, with His new name Yahweh-Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly-Marshall. Be warned that He is back for judgment, as promised, and cares not whether you believe. Christ's miracles this time involve pole shifts, planets, solar system, mathematics, star of Bethlehem (again), royal bloodline, the great pyramid and earth measurements and so much more. If you want to waste time listening to this fool (and Alex Jones) you will only have yourselves to blame. Oy Vey, the Goyim are waking up fast! 🙂


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