Was feeling some old-school hard electro vibes, enjoy this one! 128BPM – Fminor – The vocals you are hearing are from podcasts from Mark Passio, please check out this amazing man’s work here:…



  1. Hi bro! Nice to see you're back ! Remember me?? It's Frex, when I was electrodancer we were doing collabs with maidiotecspain videos, if you do a robotic dubstep track or something good for popping it would be nice to dance with it on a clip 🙂

  2. Ali me and my Friend are both from brazil and we are starting an project togheter. We are so much into Deep House/Minimal/Brazilian Bass. Do you have any tips or advice to give to 2 beginners on Musical Production? We use Ableton Live btw.

  3. thank you! you make vocals look like they are good for a track.i don't like vocals but yours are always on point,looking forward for more oldschool tracks like that


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