Let’s take a look at Newark Earthworks in Ohio built at least 1500 years ago. It is very intriguing to look at these mounds because they look like simple piles of dirt from the ground, but…



  1. Hey!!!!! There’s a white orb/ufo very obvious in this video from drone view and I believe there’s much more in original video from drone. Shows up at 1:45 sec and ends at 1:53 on bottom right side of screen. It looks like it was only cut to next scene but still could have caught more. I guess it could b another drone but I don’t think so. I’m from this area and I have tons of crazy pics and videos.

  2. this is a comedy aliens had earthlings build for them landing sites , yea they could come to earth from who knows where some uther planet or star then need a landing site built in order to land ha ha ha

  3. traps to catch bufalows thats what these where complete with pits to fall into its easy the buffies enter and then left to graze till the people need something to eat , makes it much easier than spending days hunting the beasts .elk would get trapped by stone walls in california .built by the indius people in terms of numbers the california elk population was in the millions so nobody can estimate the number of people who lived there was before our immigrant ancesstors brought with them small pocs and colds an flu epidemics layed waste what was refered to as the barnyard diseases

  4. Has anyone checked for astronomical alignments? Most such places were aligned to the equinoxes and various constellations and stars. As such, they didn't need to be SEEN, they needed only to be USED, not only for rituals but as tools for teaching initiates the meaning of the stars. I would go with that explanation before resorting to aliens.

  5. The crop circle close to the "snake" shows what the snake really is. It show a squiggly going into a woman's vagina. The "snake" is actually a sperm going into an egg. Maybe depicting the meteor as the sperm and Earth as the egg? The octagon Earth work, as with all Earth works, are mathematical information made by pre-flood people. This is proven in Carl Munck's "The Code". These people were giants so they had larger brains and also lived a thousand years, according to the bible. This fact made them very intelligent. Some probably had double rows of teeth or dental work because teeth get damaged over hundreds of years.

  6. Nope these were built by the ancient native american that lived here. They used them for ceremonial purposes and as an easier means to travel. I'm from Newak.

  7. Obviously these can't be seen from space.  You had to use red arrows for me to see them from your Aircraft.  These walls were probably use to guard a Village from View of Marauding Bands. Night time fires were a constant threat.

  8. There's far more to the history of this world than we are being told.
    Its incredible, and mysterious and needs to be taught in public schools.
    The elite and PTB have kept it all under wraps for far to long. I'm not sure why, but they are obviously afraid of something, and having the general public aware of our true history puts them in some kind of precarious position they have taken great strides to keep themselves from…Its a worldwide phenomenon and the pieces are coming together slowly yet surly.
    Thanks for posting this video,
    well done.


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