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  1. Ridley Scott wants this, it WILL happen..,the man is god in the Sci-Fi Hollywood universe.
    Covenant was disliked because the main audience doesn’t have the intellect to follow something that is without Race cars scenes or Dwayne Johnson.
    Basically I’m saying the net sayers are morons- not my opinion, just a understated fact.

    The moron serfs that hate these movies: go watch The Fast & the Furious 17 ( or whatever), that’s more your speed.
    It would be like me going to the opera and saying “it sucked” , because I do not understand or appreciate the opera, and I would be bored to death…but that doesn’t mean it sucked, nor would I make such a venomous remark.
    I am not a fan boy here, I just appreciate an intelligent fun and vastly interesting film (not a movie) that could be (?) a precursor to our origins here on earth- tho probably not with aliens (lol) but would be cool.

  2. No Xenomorphs… no $$$!

    I miss the human survival from Xenomorphs in space! More practical effects and less CGI! Make it rated R. Low in jokes, lots of Brutal deaths and nail biting suspense! Call it THE ALIEN. One alien to wipe out an entire crew of explorers with a couple trying to survive! And I mean SURVIVE! Not a bunch of cheesy crap! Make it a horror! Bring us THE ALIEN

  3. As much as i want to see more Engineers, Can't believe Ridley Scott is still in charge of Alien franchise, after he's been destroying this once beloved franchise with his shitty Covenant movie. Hopefullty this is his last Alien/s movie

  4. They should make 2 movies; Alien Awakening and Alien Awakening 2.0 with more Engineers back story and them killing David's Xenon-morphs and Wetland Yutani getting involved and the colonial marines getting involved. Something like this should be done in two movies each movie being 2 hours. If the movies could be done in a way that would twist things up that would be cool.

  5. It’s amazing – There are two generations of fans that are equally pissed off about the franchise. 1) The story takes a lazy cash grab after Aliens with Alien 3 & Resurrection. The story never dug deeper into the mysteries of Bic Chap. 2) In Prometheus, we got some very vague and unsatisfying answers. Turns out Big Chap might have been created by a big human type engineer – That was a let-down. So after we were introduced to the engineers, we were let down again in Covenant – The lack of Giger’s & Dan O’Brien’s original type of imagination was an utter let down. I probably won’t see this at the theatre – The same kind of resentment towards The Last Jedi.

  6. I can honestly say i dnt even care at all. I loved Prometheus and then they brought out covenant. No engineres! The home planet was shite it could have bern so good with massive giger inspired halls and huge city's instead we get a village seriously wtf! Complete bollox. We had somthing so special and unique with Prometheus and now its back to the alien reserection days

  7. Since Disney owns Fox they'll be a surprise ending to the next Alien movie Mickey will come out and say 'surprise motherf#!+@# kill David and the engineer's end of story 😂

  8. Cool! Hopefully they will wrap up the story with an engineer pilot crash landing on LV-426. I doubt they'd rename Origae 6 into LV-426 only for them to rename it again as Archeron. Besides, I thought LV-426 was in the same system as LV-223. Anyways, I love this franchise, but maybe this should be the last one in the prequel series. Mostly because the franchise has the whiniest fan base that I've ever seen. You just can't please these people. Maybe we can get more later in the franchise with Sigourney Weaver as Ripley returning to Origae 6, since that is about to be the xenomorph homeworld the fan base has been wanting to see. They'll still hate it though, so probably not

  9. I wasnt mad on the Tennesse character tbh, everyone kept banging on about the actor which i dont know of, and i just didnt find him to do alot in the movie apart from fly the lander down to pick them up. He "held" a cool looking gun but never used it, just ran arnd with it and soon forgot about his dead wife. The woman who played Daniels was cool though, she wasnt a rip off of Ripley she was her own character and really played the mourning of her husband well throughout the movie; feels like it needs somekind of closure to her character.

    I can accept Ridley staying on as exec producer (just like he did for the BR 2049 sequel), hes had a good run with these alien movies, but i do feel they should give someone else a try and see what creative idea another director can bring to the table. Maybe the director of the Descent, that film with those women all stuck in that cave and ravenous monster creatures after them. That was a really good refreshing movie.

    Just plz dont throw any SJW/PC crap into the movie.

  10. @AcidGlow
    I can't wait. It feels like it's been a long time since we saw the last Alien movie.
    I wonder if they're going to be making more Alien movies to replace the older ones; i.e. so a reboot/remaster version of the original Alien movies.

  11. Please, dear God no. Both Prometheus and Covenant had such great premises, but the presentations were so lacking in anything to make them anywhere near what they could have been. The only saving grace with either of these films is the photography. The scenes and alien landscapes were so beautifully shot I cannot forget them. Frankly, both movies asked poignant questions, but tried to answer them in such contrived and forced ways I felt absolutely insulted watching them. "Oh wait, let's also shoehorn in an alien just to make the people to stupid to grasp the concepts this movie presents watch it!" Please, that gave me more of a headache than trying to sit through Alien: Ressurection!


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