When we think of ancient Egypt we tend to think of the pyramids, camels and Cleopatra… and yet ancient Egypt is brimming with the most fascinating history and intriguing facts, plus over…



  1. #Talltanic some mindbombing facts for you, maybe for another list:
    1. the earliest mentioned physician of egypt was hesyre (pronounced "heh-see-rey"). according to his tomb inscriptions he was "great physician and dentist" under pharaoh djoser during the 3rd dynasty.
    2. the ancient egyptians were fantastic physicians. they were the first in human history to have a word for diabetes and they knew how to diagnose and handle it right.
    3. actually, there were at least six female pharaohs: neith-hotep and meretneith from 1st dynasty, khentykhaws I. from 4th dynasty, neferusobek from 6th dynasty, hatscheput and cleopatra.
    4. early dynastic kings were tattooed.
    5. ancient egyptians were also fantastic mathematics. they were so acknowleged, that ancient greeks would study in egypt. "infamous" mathematic pythagoras, for example, may have tought his sentence of the triangles, but this knowledge originates from egypt.
    6. during 1st dynasty, queens were buried like kings.


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