These strange patterns and shapes were cut into rock many thousands of years ago. Such ancient stone carvings can be found in many countries around the world. How can this be done without…



  1. The academic "mainstream" archaeologists have always opposed any theory of "advanced" civilizations, preferring to ignore the oral history of early civilizations…….their profound understanding of mathematics, engineering and social orders….the same fools who denied Viking sagas, which now have been proven to have been FACTUAL so much so that the history books all need to be rewritten to ERASE the so- called Columbus "discovery" of the Americas, where the Vikings arrived some 500 HUNDRED years before he was born….new DNA evidence from the people of the Arctic (of Asian-Mongolian origins) also show Scandinavian blood lines ! And now with underwater robotics, advanced satellite imagery, ground penetrating radar systems, including Lidar, now show thousands of early civilizations around the globe….archaeologists need to rethink their theories completely…..or face a public who does not trust them…..

  2. It was us, 12,000 years ago, as a message to future generations. We are a civilization with amnesia. We assume that we are the pinnacle of civilization now, not so. Check out graham hancocks work.

  3. our current technology, our development is simply misleading, departures from the norm. we must be found back to the ancient technologies of megalithic cultures. this could be the only pledge for the survival of the Earth!

  4. No electricity, wheels, porn, you tube, internet, race cars, busses, bikes, dikes, gay bars, kikes and oyster bars left just a bit more time for dedicated hand work. No aliens need apply. And they wouldn't give a shit about rocks anyway.

  5. Why do we believe that these people could not have done these things ? At that time stone was the material used in construction … they mastered the art of stone cutting… look at today what man can build…structures in awe amazement..did we get help????????? Stop making past ppl look as if they knew nothing because clearly they do…

  6. To believe this alien garbage you first have to believe that everything you have been taught about science and history is entirely truthful and correct, and if you believe that then you need to be looking at other things than this first.

  7. Aliens from space?
    What a huge assumption to make.
    Do you think that is a simpler explanation than us having technology in the past and then later having all knowledge of it wiped out by being fed with rubbish about the past?
    Did "aliens" build St. Petersburg?
    What about all of the rock-cut ruins all over the place in Europe? Aliens again?
    And I suppose aliens might have built the star forts too.
    Maybe the pyramids? There are plenty of machine-tool marks around there.
    And all of the underground complexes and tunnels, probably aliens too you must reckon.
    And strangely, these "aliens" are always said to use rocket technology, when we are pretty sure that a rocket cannot work in an infinite vacuum as the thrust could not be directional.

  8. They look like soap bubbles! Thanks for your work! The recent discovery of 'modern human remains in western Africa suggests we had a long time to become very skilled, be set back by cataclysm,then start over. Perhaps more than once.

  9. sand and water = cutting medium, if you have a body of water up high and direct downwards in ever decreasing pipes the speed and pressure builds up sand is added to the water it is possible to cut through steel let alone stone..

  10. Just because thousands of years ago, there was obviously an advanced technology involved in the cutting and moving of these blocks, many people immediately scream, "Aliens!". That is the same as the "God of the gaps" argument; if you can't explain it, it must be "God". Why does it have to be "aliens" just because we can't explain it? Here are two excellent videos. The first shows a man moving and manipulating a 20 ton block ALL BY HIMSELF:

    This next video shows how granite can be cut/drilled simply using sound wave vibrations:

    Granted this does not show how these massive stones could have been lifted into place or moved 13,000 feet up a mountain like Tijuanacu, but it does show that there could very well be methods and technologies that we have simply forgotten or have been lost. There are still tribes in the Amazon that have had no real contact with modern civilization, and our technology would seem impossible to them. Humans have been to the moon? They can fly? Humans can see and talk to someone on the other side of the world by a device they hold in their hand? IMPOSSIBLE!! You aren't humans, you must be gods (aliens)!

  11. If those stones were cut and polished and then softened they would in effect slightly melt into their final form, creating what seem to be impossible angles and tolerances. Stone melts at a lower temperature than iron so stone softening may be a possibility. A geologist could likely examine a stone for subtle evidence of flow if part of the wall could be taken apart


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