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  1. I just wrote a long anti Alien comment but erased it cuz its futile dealing with Mormons who believe in whittle Gween Men Fum Outtah Spaysth.
    There are hard headed people and then you have Alien/ANAL PROBING UFO Believers who will NOT THINK. HELLO ?
    I'm done…finished trying to reasons with UFO IDIOTS.
    THEE END 👽😭🇺🇸

  2. I am a HUGE skeptic.
    Matter of fact…I think people who believe in
    "wittle gween men fum outtah spayzthe"
    are either simple minded ( water head ,
    trailer park, clueless idiots) , ignorant of science/reality or hard headed. When the 2004 footage of 2 F/A-18 Hornets was released to the media for their viewers , and when I watched it I said to myself.." Well…..its about time these UFOLOGIST morons came up with something a little more conclusive.And at first I thought they did… least for me. BUT….hold on because there is a man on utube who has debunked what

    I thought was the Rosetta Stone of Proof of UFO's and little gween men with almond shaped eyes.
    To all you Alien lovers out there …..I was excited for a week.But as usual, reality and truth came through and I no longer think we may have been visited by a advanced civilization many many light years away. I wish I would of saved the video where this extremely intelligent man articulately debunk this Rosetta Stone of UFO videos with REAL science, and technical know how. But for now, I can't find the video.However…for example the FA-18 Pilot was on Fox'es Tucker Carlson and showed a split screen of the pilot in studio and thee so-called cockpit video of this object that defied physics.However, the video that the pilot was talking about had NOTHING to do with the infra-red video of that stage object making weird maneuvers.This footage had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NAVY F18 PILOTS ACCOUNTS.
    Why question is WHY !? Why would they mix in a video that had nothing to do with that pilots experience. So…. there is no UFO smoking gun.I am truly disappointed cuz I want to know there is a higher intelligence checking us out. I'm NOT anti- Alien if its real. So far the jury's out.

  3. Now, first I’ll start by saying I’m sure “ufo’s” are real. However the “formation” are birds, you can even see their wings flapping. The rest are satellites.

  4. I know ufo Lou n horse farmer.. I've been subbed to them for year's but rarely see anything from them anymore.. I really liked the music you picked for this video.. It takes more than recording a couple orbs flying around to make a good video.. It looks like u have the right stuff so keep it up and your channel will grow.. 👍

  5. Just saw the video got to say great work good for you if you have that lens or technology but be careful yeah they are right they could be satellites however I don't have that capability other than a Samsung S4 and it doesn't even film right however just want to say don't lose the faith cuz from where I'm from I'm in South America and I see the same thing in the sky right at sundown when it's getting dark to that point where it's getting dark so don't lose Faith keep doing what you're doing good job… by the way I just wanna say This is VIDEO is REAL…..👍👍👍👌✌

  6. This is not fake. , I was awakened at 4 o'clock at night and I started to look at the window, and I saw the UFOs in the same video, it looked like a bird or a satellite. I recommend you to look at the sky for just one night before commenting

  7. Every ten years you UFO chasers and new ufo chasers say the same things, and you never go anywhere but a circle to nowhere. Nasa-Military cooperatives ARE THE ALIEN SHIPS (IFO Identified Nasa Military Ships). Why can't you wake up in this matter after 50 years. The UFO's culture of ignorance is unfathomable.


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