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  1. lol,,the handler that sent the cover up agent out to hide these is looking at him right now asking him,did u really just throw them in a hole…lol,i should shoot ya right here u incompetent agent,the agent is like,well boss,u have no idea how heavy they were,plus i was by myself,we cant exactly fly american helos in russia without gettin shot down..

  2. Hi guys sorry to debunk this one but I'm a coal miner and I have seen many of these and they are called kenal bottom they are a big part of deaths in coal mines. But yeah it a fossil.

  3. I laugh when ppl say "our planet, our moon,our universe"… as if we had any stock invested in any of this experiment of life… MAN is t00 ignorant and arrogant to understand we are NOT ,NENER were,, NEVER will be the "ONLY" life forms or organisms within billions of trillions of zillions of stars, universes, or multiverses. … so just continue to be humans ..and worry about what Kim Kardashian is naming her kids….humans ain't rdy😣

  4. Hey geekoo7,, stop being naive & ignorant…open your eyes and your mind…u sound like those other moron crew that thinks all this evidence since the beginning of recorded time is …lol..smfh.."swamp gas"..Mars, birds,weather balloons..moon…etc..etc….. the brainwash and the cult is actually the dis-information..non-disclosure..shadow gov,..m.i.b..and elite Caucasian ,power hungry, dominant ,1%….that wish to keep us ALL in the dark.,confused,angry,poor,mis-led,and in us racially ,financially and religiously seperated,and un-educated (nothing to do w ur col.deg.=0!.)….fact😑

  5. My theory is that thousend of years ago in the big ufo that there was a alien that controlled the smaller saucers and the alien want to research earth and when those saucers fly over earth the alien died maybe by the atmosphere of earth that it's toxic to the alien and when it died the saucers crashed and thousend of years later of rain water and earth quakes the saucers dug under the ground and now the saucers are discovered and maybe in the big saucer the alien is still in there but maybe nothing but bones


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