Ancient Alien Documentary 2016: The Satan Conspiracy.



  1. I refuse to watch anything that shows exorcisms and anything of the likes because it's just so fucking fake and embarrassing to watch? Why would you shake and thrash about for no reason? It's fucking mental.

  2. The bible along with its little brother the quran is the biggest hoax and most dangerous tool ever used by the elite. Everything in the bible is stolen from ancient paganism, the jews YES jews corrupted and twisted the original stories and teachings of paganism to suit there twisted purposes and desires such as the plan of a new or jew world order(communism/slavery)… The story of jesus is stolen from 18+ pagan Gods who were "crucified" on a cross or hung from a tree. All of this is an allegory, example: The Norse God Odin hung from a tree and experienced a rebirth. Don't believe me do some deep research and study. The JEWS are the enemy of mankind! And no I'm not a skin head. The jews own Hollywood, they own 98% of the banks the list goes on. There favourite tool has always been controlled opposition to manipulate and control the masses.

  3. Everyone say it together…."He". Why are God and Satan always given a sex? If God had no beginning then "he" would have no pronoun. God should be called "It". This may sound elementary to most, but you need to fully comprehend the underlying aspect of such a simple thought that has been overlooked by billions of people for thousands of years.


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