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  1. I need some help here. I am/was really getting into the whole concept, then, at 19:59 up pops a quote "Protocol 15, The Wise Elders of Zion". Ccouldn't something else be used? If not, why? I've been taught my whole life that they are propaganda, so they're fake. I'm learning that isn't always true. While I understand the context of the words, In the case of the papers, I'm pretty sure they were fake, IMO Elites/Rulers/Sorcerers/Priests (almost never) write anything important down that's not occluded from the population.

  2. I am extremely cautious when spiritual speakers like James Gilliland say 'The Annunaki are returning and they're benevolent'. Maybe they are, I'm open to that possibility but there are a LOT of unanswered questions with the Annunaki. The ones 'returning' are saying there were a couple of 'bad ones' that were left here to mine gold who 'went bad' and hijacked our evolution for many thousands of years. It sounds like a cosmic version of 'Lee Harvey Oswald did it'. Apparently gold was needed to save the atmosphere of their home planet. They seem to wear a lot of gold also. Could it be that they just love gold?! Images of the Annunaki goddess 'Enha' James is in contact with shows her wearing the same mitre hat and golden staff that the Pope has. The Catholic church has been a major part of the SUPPRESSION  of spirituality on Earth! Only time will reveal the true intentions of these ones returning. Now the others are supposedly returning – WHY NOW?…

  3. " O Belteshazzar, ( Daniel ) master of the magicians, because I know that the spirit of the holy gods is in thee, and no secret troubleth thee. Daniel 4:9 The most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, seven times shall pass over, that thou shalt have known that the heavens do rule." 7 notes in the scale, 7 eyes on the headstone.

  4. " O Belteshazzar, ( Daniel ) master of the magicians, because I know that the spirit of the holy gods is in thee, and no secret troubleth thee. Daniel 4:9 The most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, seven times shall pass over, that thou shalt have known that the heavens do rule." 7 notes in the scale, 7 eyes on the headstone.

  5. doesn't it seem like sceptics are so concern about what some of us have experienced. almost like they are concerned about my well being. almost like a christian telling me i'm going to fall short of eternal life. i've had a few sightings myself and i'm not trying to convince you that you need to believe. but only that i had this experience,and thats rock bottom. so don't be so concern about us. and i do understand the sceptism,until 1999 that came to an end. i can't go against what i saw. can't think it away like,dillusional. and to be honest, i do enjoy this experience,most likely the rest mt life. thank you!

  6. Good bit of mistakes. You are incorrect on George Washington. In a letter written to Washington concerns were voiced about the Jacobins connected to the Illuminati were operating in the U.S. Washington replied he was satisfied by it. During the Whiskey Rebellion a revolt occurred bc of heavy taxation and Washington sent thousands of troops to squash it. Just another Traitor as were the Freemasons. The Washington Monument is 555 ft tall or 6,660 inches.


  7. Your got history of the Anannaki all screwed up.  You need to go back and read all of Enki's tablets again.  And they could not be reptilian because they used their DNA to make us, (Humans), they make us in their image.

  8. I love how the pretty much skipped Cush and Khemit this stuff came from today's Moors or African American tell the truth we gave them sacred knowledge to bring the European knowledge so they could come out of caves..

  9. Well this dosent convince me . Becouze dont have logic … I mean you say that we are created from this Anunakies like "slaves" to do their work .. etc etc etc…. Now i dont get it why this Anunakies should create hiden soceitys and create a plan to conquer the world and so on … when they easily can apear and easily can beat us ….. whith no need of all this what this videos says !!!

  10. Who is it then that is accountable for locking these serpents here with us? Sounds as if there is a future reference of many wars to be had to settle scores.
    I do believe , we as humans being are just now beginning to enter a time of spirituality to where supernatural abilities are becoming more common and strength in such a manner will manifest in abundance

  11. This is stated so close to Bible prophecy it's amazing. Even if you don't share Christian philosophy, please understand that the books of Daniel and Revelation predict these things and the great prophecy that matches with the end of this video seeking accountability for the Annunaki(a.k.a. demons or fallen angels) is also prophetic, as according to Revelation, Jesus, the Messiah, will appear in the cloud where every eye shall see Him and the people who follow him will be taken to Heaven with Him and everyone else will be destroyed by His brightness who have believed and followed the lies of the fallen angels. After 1000 years the holy City will descend from Heaven onto the mount of olives here on earth and the unrighteous will be called from their graves, at which time Satan (head of the Anunnaki/demons) will lead everyone to make war against the heavenly city and then fire will come down from Heaven to destroy ALL the wicked people ad fallen angels(Anunnaki) burning them to ashes. Then Our creator Giod will create a new heaven and new earth where evil will no longer exist. So, yes, the day of accountability is coming.

  12. The "gods" or "aliens" were demonic beings and still are today. They taught the people great technologies before the time of the great flood, so people back then were much more sophisticated that we are told they were. Today the fallen angels are the ones who have taught our modern society those same technologies.

  13. I understand and know most of this, but where my issue lies, is in the fact that this video shows no relation of black people to the anunnaki and we were the first to inhabit this planet after the anunnaki/inki/Nephelm. You can't just piece-meal the facts when your giving info to others. It should be all or nothing at all. Thanks in advance.


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