Hey guys, so todays topic involves an amazing discovery beneath the most mysterious, secretive, and heavily guarded set of pyramids in the world. They are located in China. consisting of over…



  1. What if god existed (probably not how religions describe) but had power only on this earth, aliens once came and shared technology with primitive humans that started worshipping them after they left. So this god gets mad that humans are getting smarter AND prefer aliens to him, so he floods the world or makes near asteroids fall down (and as some civilization have reported, even both) just to restart all civilizations and knowledge itself, we probably just forgot our past because of the low population after this cataclysm. Mabye god is just an old alien that wants to control this world, might be immortal who knows, he landed here before others and stayed. Idk I just had to share this thought lol

  2. Why are turks and koreans so dumb? Stop barking of those pyramid are yours!!! , There are 13 dynasties made capital cities in Xi'an, shaan xi province, China. More than 200 empires buried there, there are more than 80 empire Mausoleums(your so called white pyramid) found around Xi'an.Those dumb Ignorance turks and koreans. Stop barking you stupid koreans and turks.They are empires tombs of Han dynasty, Qin dynasty, Tang dynasty and other dynasties.Almost all of them were looted by thieves. Now the government protect those tombs from looting!

  3. Seriously, these so called pyramids were actually the tombs of ancient emperors. Some of them were robbed by raiders generations again. Nothing to be suspected.
    The Longyou cave is much more mysterious than these pyramids

  4. Team America should be deployed ASAP. We should not tolerate the Chinese not validating Aliens. We now know for a fact even without any hard evidence or proof Aliens created everything on earth including us. All my friend who smokes magic herb is totally behind Team America putting an end to this Chinese coverup. America stands for truth and justice for all.


  5. Halos.com. YouTube: The Privileged Planet; CSE-01 Age of the Earth (FULL) Kent Hovind; Radiometric Dating Flaws Kent Hovind; Our Solar System: Evidence of Creation; Creation Astronomy The Heavens Declare The Glory of God; Stretching the Heavens: A New Cosmology. Google: Science vs Evolution Pathlights. If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough. YouTube: MercyMe – You Reign; Starfield – Filled With Your Glory; Dinosaurs didn't die 65 million years ago, they are still alive today FULL Documentary; The Kingdom of God & The New Jerusalem; The Truth May Scare You (Parts 1 – ?); F-18 vs. SAM; Must See Heaven Jesus Christ; Dr. Judy Wood Where Did the Towers Go? YouTube: World Deception 2 Happy Hellidays Christmas 2010. Ho-Ho-Ho = 666 since there r six letters between "h" and "o." Santa is actually Satan, with letters rearranged. Poo-pourri Heavenscent. All-important: God. The Most High.

  6. Only government selected archaeologists, high rank military and the highest of the highest political people are allowed to enter the pyramids through underground tunnels. In my opinion, it's easier to get into area 54 than trying to get anywhere near these pyramids. Many innocent people have been killed in China just for taking pictures of the pyramids from far away.

  7. I think they might contain one of China's biggest secrets, the rest of the world has only just found out about. the pyramids are a giant production plan for recycled sewerage oil, which the Chinese parasites love to eat, and have been trying to export to other countries.

  8. The Chinese government is prohibiting access to the pyramids because they found Blonde and Red Haired Caucasian mummies that predate the Chinese people themselves. They were also found with large quantities of Cannabis. Considering Asiatic people generally are strong Nationalist, this would make sense because it would destroy the their sense of Nationality to that area as well as many things like Buddhism, even though some of the oldest depictions of the Buddha show Blue eyes, and some even supposedly nick named him the "Red Bearded Barbarian"…makes one wonder…

  9. I feel the general public worldwide are a bunch of skittish, dumb fucks that if given information about aliens actually existing and being our 'gods' they would just start rioting and generally just being useless twats

  10. ( i dont know Eng)
    that pyramid is Korean pyramid
    The excavation team confirmed it was from Korea and withdrew.
    china keep hiding it and they wanna make korean history to theirs
    they teach Distort history to chinese people
    For example mt beakdu(located between N korea and china) is Korean territory but china keep lieing. today half of mt beakdu is chinese one
    also a place called Gando was Korean territory but china stole it.

  11. There are millions of chinese who are waiting for the ET to arrive. They are meeting in parks exercising their bodies to be fit but the authorities are bullying them because they are seen as concurrents to the all mighty communists.

  12. There are pyramids with flat tops everywhere. There is a possible explanation that the ET rulers landed their saucers there in order to be protected during the nights and watch over the slaves during the days. The Sumerian gods went down into the sea clad in diving suits in order to sleep protected in their submerged craft which during the day was hovering over Sumer.


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