15% of humans have a rare bloodtype known as Rh negative. See what experts have to say about a possible link to extraterrestrial modification of humans in this collection of scenes from “The…



  1. True Story: My wife was RH Negative and all her family has always been RH Negative but when she accepted Christ and was transformed she became RH Positive. She says that when she was RH Negative she felt she could be more easily possessed and now through Christ she has been delivered from any demonic spirits. We have medical proof of her health history for the past 20 years and when she got pregnant with our child, the Dr. couldn’t and did not accept the transformation and cast it off as a medical mistake, for 20 years, 3 previous pregnancies and 2 blood transfusions.

  2. O negative is the worst blood type to have. You can't get blood from anyone except your own blood type. All the other negatives are interchangeable. O neg's are biologically on their own.

  3. Haha this is stupid, there’s more antigens than the ABO and rhesus antigens, mooore rare too! Why would they see it as alien, instead of DNA recombination? Cuz that what this is!

  4. I'm A negative my wife is o negative and our children are A negative also. My stepson is b positive from a previous partner, she nearly died having him at 24 weeks pregnant. But no issues with ours. Not for technology and medical science, they wouldn't be here today.

  5. This is also an argument that – blood is more sustainable because the population does not overpopulate the environment, this means they are Native. and the positive type could than be Alien?? Invasive? because they have over populated and have to use other means to sustain them….by goobling up all resources. haha

  6. Did you know that lefties make up about the same percentage of humanity yet have 95% of the geniuses and 20 IQ points higher on average than the general population. If you have both factors, you’re the bull’s balls and set for life.

  7. Its interesting that RH- originated from europe and europeans have a higher percent of neanderthal DNA in them. Which we've proven to be different type of DNA than human DNA

    And on the topic of different sentient DNA, the elongated skulls we found also test for a DNA foreign to humans

  8. If this is remotely true, wouldn’t the government be all over us! No one has been knocking at my door! I am RH- as is my daughter, mother, and aunts. We are of German decent. My blood pressure is 90 over 60 and my temp runs 97. I have always had very strong ESP, even as a young child.


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