1. Another thing is that there was a conspiracy to make John keel think that he was crazy. But look at the 200 plus stories now retrospectively. Its harder to play head games with me given my geanology. What happened to him and to mary hyre was very cruel.

  2. The fish gills problem was people who still have fish gills didnt want obama care. They were afraid of no choices in doctors. Its other animal body parts kept secret. We are pushing into or out of human forms. The king Arthur story based on the truth is cousin merlin had a mom that was a lady of the lake. Comte st germain has a mom lady of the lake and a racozi Hungarian king father. Along the coast people a few still had fish gills. Another reference is the Lancaster henry Tudor heritage is lady of the lake.when I speak here what I am saying is everyone has this heritage. Not just me.

  3. I have alot going on this problem was my mother was a marquis didnt have a clue about it being a bloodline of Jesus Christ brother there was super wierd stuff I thought maybe I was crazy til a mason explained this alien ships were reported by mistake over a radio when my house was shaking my boyfriend's mom was a cia researcher on mothman we visited her supper odd but its a lifetime of paranormal events we moved because of the problems the phone rings sounds like a fax but its bug sounds he communicates with fast lights in morse codes other people say he bends spoons and slimmed them. Other essenses from edgar caycee are angry at me saying another space craft put him out now hes an intergalactic space fugitve hes sentenced to death because hes cut off from his autologous program on his ship thats not all there is truth and connections with sounds crazy vampires are also autologous beings connected with space craft situation similar to the mothman there are connections with sounds crazy the Mississippi eyeball aliens and the vampires. The situation is different patrol ships. They don't all get along. They get mad at each other and send something like viruses to each other. When that happens it cuts off food and life sustainable situations. I went to edgar caycees group and complained about people having fish gills and they went to war with a patrol ship that spun off from the original group. I want to talk about this stuff on film and get better equipment. While at caycees group they told me alot of so called monsters are beings that just get put out. My family does not want me taking the dog with me to west Virginia to work with mothman because it got physical. Glass exploded gas bottles flew off a shelf. My connections are not simply royal either in addition relatives too got injections during ww2 and the exboyfriends mom was involved with nazi space program. As america is the nazi space program we removed symbols after the war shipped it here. Yeah we are all alein descended. Love to talk. I am easy to find.

  4. I would like the show to help me with mothman communicating. I am a direct descendant of jesus brother joseph jr the masons asked me about doing the crown princess of Romania my claim is through english occupied france Calais and flanders but I get this bug like communication with humanoid insects if you hook up paranormal equipment youll get crazy stuff and also I am the niece of Jesus Christ as well as kate batts of the bell witch. I like the show am a follower of edgar caycee love to talk


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